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This Essay Discusses Which Genre Is The "Best" Film Or Literature.

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We live in a society where films and literature are important parts of our everyday life. We read books and watch movies all the time - in school, at work and in our spare time. Literature and film are two genres that can help us learn facts, broaden our horizon or make us fantasize. It is amazing what great impact a film or a piece of literature can have on us. If we think it's bad it can make us irritated, and if we think it's good, it can make us sad, happy or angry. Good movies or good literature is hard to find, but what is the best - literature or film? That is what I will be discussing in this essay.A really good book or a really good movie is extremely hard to find, but the hardest thing to find is a good movie based upon a good book. All movies exist as books before they are turned into movies - either as scripts or as books. When you base a movie upon a book you have a time issue - a movie normally don't last for more than 2,5 hours tops, which can be a problem if a book is particularly long. Films are much more limited than books - if you want to tell a long and complicated story, it would be much better to put it all in a book than to film it, and leave important parts out.However, films seem to have more of an appeal to young audiences, and can be a great way to educate people. Films are often easier to understand, and a great way for people to be entertained, and learn something in one go.The film industry is a huge industry, earning billions every single year. Actors and film makers get a lot of money and credits from fans and the media. The film industry is driven by companies that only want to make money. In literature you can put more weight on what is good literature, and less on what will be a success with the audience. You can say that authors have more freedom - they don't have to think about how long...

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