This Essay Exaplins How And Why Elvis Influenced American Music.

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Zella Mae Mosher, age 62, is sitting on her front stoop on a warm autumn afternoon. She is barefoot and her hair is wrapped up in purple rollers. "It was like a fire just burning up inside of me. My foot was thumping and my hips were bouncing around like a broken washing machine" Zella recalls. She is describing her first encounter with the music of Elvis Presley, America's most celebrated icon.Americans, for the most part, seldom agree on matters of the arts. Nevertheless, if asked to name the King of rock and roll, they will chant, in unison, "Elvis Presley!" While most will assign Presley as the father of rock, in actuality, they are terribly mistaken. Rock and roll, a musical style that combines the likes of rhythm and blues and country western, was tearing up radio waves long before Presley. It was not yet the revolution it would later become until Elvis entered the scene to rally the troops and win war.Elvis' immeasurable talent was not the definitive quality that made him the leader of this uprising. Many social, cultural, economic and political aspects would played an acknowledgeable role. It was truly Presley's skin color, charisma, and quirkiness that would push this cultural explosion into mainstream America.In 1954 the Supreme Court declared "separate but equal" laws unconstitutional. For years, these laws kept interaction between whites and blacks minimal. As schools, rest rooms, restaurants, etc. became integrated, racial tension increased. "America began to wrestle seriously with the legacy of slavery and the unequal treatment of African Americans" (Campbell 79). Rock and roll, deemed "colored music", did not aid in easing these societal woes and thus, would not be well received by white America.As Chuck berry and Little Richards tunes compelled teens to rip up the dance fall, racial and social boundaries began to blur. Many white citizens assumed that rock and roll was a means of bringing the "the white man down and would undermine the morals our the nation's youth"(Campbell 80).In his book entitled My Blue Suede You, Tim Goshen writes:"By merely being Caucasian, Presley, like an eager salesman, was able to make a stand by sticking his foot in the door before it closed. While Pat Boone and Perry Como were busy "whitening" the kick and bellow of their craft... Elvis Presley, a lily white man with the voice of a black songster, would eventually bring the house, not the white man, down" (73).Nationwide race wars were not the only additive keeping this riot roaring. While post war economy and innovative technology boomed, Americans reveled in fairly a new concept dubbed "leisure". The nation's youth were not longer considered "short adults" and expectations of young people changed. Through this leisure time the American teenager was conceived.As the affluent winds of the 1950's blew, the good ol' days of Shirley Temple movies and Frank Sinatra crazed teens grew dark. Rebel without a Cause hit theaters everywhere and juvenile...

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