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This Essay Explains The Eight Stages That Erik Erikson Proposes That Everyone Goes Through. I Have Given Real Life Examples That Has Happened To Me.

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The best-known neo-Freudian was Erik Erikson. He formulated his own theory of personality development. He projected that everyone goes through psychosocial stages rather than psychosexual stages as Freud proposed. Erikson has identified eight stages of psychosocial development that each person goes through during their entire life span. In Erikson's theory, the stages of development process unfold as we go through life. Each of these stages has tasks that have to be mastered in order to build toward a satisfying and healthy developed life. Those who do not master the task will have a hard time dealing with crises.According to and the eight stages of Erikson's theory are as follow and are briefly described:Trust vs. MistrustThis stage is during the first year to eighteen months of a life. A child is completely dependent upon others to satisfy their needs. If the child gets the satisfaction of the fulfillment and continues to receive the satisfaction on a regular basis, they will develop trust. Mistrust will develop if these needs are not fulfilled on a regular basis. If mistrust were to develop, the child would have trouble developing close relationships in the future.Autonomy vs. DoubtThis stage is from 18 months to three years old. The child is trying to become more independent. A sense of autonomy is being developed by the child from its parents encouraging the child to try new things. By offering reassurance from the parents, even if the child fails, will help the sense of autonomy to develop. If the parents don't offer reassurance or show disapproval the child will become doubtful or ashamed of their selves.Initiative vs. GuiltThis is the third stage a life goes through. The age range for these tasks is from three to six. This is when the child wants to explore and question. The child now has simple self-control. When the child is encouraged to explore they feel good about themselves and continue to be curious. They take the initiative and investigate the world. When the parents forbid the activities of exploring, the child will feel guilty if they do explore without the encouragement.Industry vs. InferiorityThis stage is from the age six to twelve. The child is now becoming more involved with the outside world. They are motivated to solve new problems on their own. If the parents step in and solve the problem or complete the task for the child, the child will inferior or incapable. The parents should encourage the child to solve the problem on their own. If the parents continue to resolve the problem the child will have no need to solve any crisis on their own because their parents will be there to do it for them.Identity vs. Role ConfusionThe ages involved in this stage is from twelve to eighteen. The question to answer in this stage is "who am I?" Our identity is developed from our self-perception, friends, and family. People need to perceive themselves...

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