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This Essay Explains Why It Was Ok To Display The 10 Commandments In An Alabama Court House

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All throughout U.S. history there have been numerous disputes over what the constitution wants and what it truly means .It was written this way on purpose, to be interpreted the best way to fit the times .This helps our rules and regulations develop and avoid being outdated .Many serious issues, such as slavery have been addressed this way, but it is plain to see that the ten commandments on display in the rotunda of the Alabama courthouse dose not violate the constitution in any manner.The first amendment of our constitution states that everyone should be given freedom of religion .If we were ...view middle of the document...

All U.S. currency is imprinted with "In God We Trust". A federal court building has a Buddhist statue. There is evidence of religion all throughout government affairs. The morals that the constitution was based off of all came from these religious back rounds. Without them we would have no sense of right and wrong.Trying to cater to every ones wants is an impossible task to achieve. When doing this we often over represent the under dog. This problem is largely amplified by the media. There are many examples of this present today such as people suing over gained weight from fast food restaurants. The rest of the world should not lose civil liberties to satisfy one person. The removal of the Ten Commandments may satisfy a small group, but we must ask ourselves, "Is what our society wants as a whole?"The effects that the commandments have on those that pass by them are miniscule to none. If you do happen to be offended by them, simply walk away. This situation is completely blown out of proportion and should have never gotten this far in the first place. Part of the biggest problem is from reactions of supporters of the commandments being there, such as Judge Ray Mores' refusal to remove them. It is hard to say what the outcome of this situation will be, but I can say that as long as there's attention or money to be gained the cameras will keep rolling.

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