This Essay Explores The Means Of An Imaginative Journey Which Occur In One's Imagination That Is Used To Escape Reality, Face Fears And Contemplate Ideas.

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Imaginative journeys occur in the realm of the mind - a realm where reality is considered, and fantasy is created. The imaginative journey moves the participant into an environment that could not possibly exist in our understanding of the real world, or recreates a tale that has never occurred. The common aspect of the imaginative journey is fictionality.The journey that is imagined often evokes the theme, or event, of change. This change can be anything: change of self, change of surroundings, change of beliefs, change of location or even change in time. The possibility for change is endless. However, these changes can be generalised into a change of one of three main components: state, space, and or time. State refers to the makeup of an object or character. A change in this realm can be a change of either physical (the destruction of Babylon) or philosophical (an individual's altering opinions on life elements). The realm of space involves a physical location. A change in space involves shifting from one location to another. The last realm, time, is a period between two events. A change in time involves a shift from one event to another, or the chronological progress in an object's lifetime.The actual journey itself can be simplified into having three components: a beginning (in which a conflict becomes apparent, which creates the need for change), a middle (where the process of change occurs), and the end, (where it becomes apparent whether the changes have solved the conflict, or have failed). However, many modern composers oppose the strict sense of a beginning, middle or end. The composer may transpose the order in which events occur (such as in To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, which is structured ab ovo). Indeed, the journey may not even have a conventional beginning, middle, or end. Still, even without a distinct beginning, middle, or end, the theme of change is always relevant, and always occurs. For without change, there is no journey.Commonly, the imaginative journey is sparked by an external stimulus. Frequently, this involves a challenge to the boundaries in physical society, challenging the limits of what can be achieved by mankind's ability to dream. This is as opposed to a response to one's physical environment, which triggers a physical journey; or a reaction to a catalyst in one's life, beginning the process of an inner journey. Further, an imaginative journey differs from the physical or inner journey in that it primarily relies on the participants' creativity, whereas the physical journey relies on stamina and endurance, and the inner journey focuses on the participant's spiritual state.The composer or individual may choose to undergo an imaginative journey for many reasons. It may be for a sense of greater adventure not achievable in the real world, to release the individual from the mundane and ordinary facets of reality. It may be catalysed by the notion of privacy, of being alone in ones own mind and not having to...

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