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A Word to Learn
I have a different point of view on the word school than others. Usually, anyone would describe the word school as a place where you spend most of your young age studying and understanding things that are needed to make your life easier . I can agree with that, but that word holds something more than a institution to educate children. I describe school as a place where I can find people who will suit my life, a place where I can find my interests and talents, importantly a surrounding where I learn how to communicate and get along with other since a young age.
When I hear the word school, the first thing that comes to my mind are my friends. Being able to hang out with my friends is my favorite thing to do in school. I had a chance to meet all my best friends through school. I remember, always being excited to go see my friends everyday in school. Usually parents think that friends are bad influences and they always observe what kind of friends do their son or daughter has. I disagree with that because my friends never encouraged me to do bad things or force me to do anything I didn’t want to do. Since elementary, I was a shy kid, but after meeting my friends I was really confident and became a lot active. I wasn’t a perfect kid and nor was my friends, but I always felt as if my friends were better than me. That never upset me, it only made me look up to them and be better just like them.
Soccer is my favorite sport and I had a chance to play soccer a lot in school. I took physical education on middle school for about two years. On both years, I had physical education as my second period. So every time I get to my first period, I couldn’t wait until I got to my second period and play soccer. I not only played soccer, I also played tennis and basketball. Even though I wasn’t that good in those two sports, it still helped me stay physically fit and made me...

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