This Essay From My Psy 101 Class Was In Relation To The Jungain Typology Test And My Personality.

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Module 4 - SLP

I have always found zodiacs and horoscopes to be a very interesting and mysterious topic of conversation. Often times while reading the translation of my zodiac, I find myself nodding my head in agreement of the descriptions of my personality. Some times I find them to be a bit patronizing and wonder if I truly bear a resemblance to the often superhuman description of myself, or if I only wanted to believe that what I was reading really described me. The same can be said after reading the test results of my personality after taking the Jungain Typology Test.

I found that my test results yielded my personality to be that of the Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging (INTJ) type. Roughly broken down my personality was 22% Introverted, 50% Intuitive, 12% Thinking, and 1% Judging. Meaning that I was slightly expressed in all areas except for that of the Intuitive area, where I was moderately expressed. Not sure of how to translate this into any levels of usefulness, I studied further on the topic of my results and found that as an INTJ, I carry an aura of definiteness, and self-confidence about myself which can be mistaken at times for simple arrogance. I found this to be true, I walk a little bit taller than every one else who's 5'10" and have been described by many as being either confidant or cocky.

While studying further I have learned that as an INTJ I have a specialized knowledge system and had used this to learn at a very early age; though I am not quite sure of what a specialliezed knowledge system is, it sure sounds good. However I am in agreement with my research that as an INTJ, I do have several areas of expertise to which I can almost immediately tell you whether or not I will be able to assist on an issue and how to do so. Reading this made me feel smart and happy, until I read the part that stated,

"INTJ's know what they know, and perhaps still more importantly, they know what they don't know".

Suddenly I felt like the guy who is labeled as Mr. Know-it-all....

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