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This Essay Deals With Predictions Of The 2004 Iowa Caucus.

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On January 19th, 2004, the Iowa Caucus, the first of the pre-elections to select the democratic candidate that has the best chance of gaining the most votes during the real elections,will take place. In total, there are 9 democratic candidates looking to gain the most votes and challenge current president George Bush. However, out of the many applicants, Howard Dean stands above all the rest in Iowa. The three main reasons for this pertain to the current Iowa polls, past elections, and his political views.As stated, the current Iowa polls give us a clear view on who will win the caucus. For instance, on the DC Political Report website, there are many polls from many different sources. For instance, one of the polls, from Zogby International, has Howard Dean at 26%. The next person to challenge him is Dick Gephardt. He is only at 22%. 4% may not seem like a big difference, but it actually is a lot of votes that separate the first and second place candidates. As of now, in the Iowa polls, the only two democratic presidential candidates that actually have a legitimate shot in winning the Iowa Caucus are Howard Dean and Dick Gephardt. The race is fairly close, but Dean has an obvious edge. At first, when the polls were first put up, Gephardt had the advantage. But now, Dean has won the last 6 polls convincingly, and most likely will not be passed again.Moreover, past elections can give the public a hint on who can win the election. The last Iowa Caucus took place on January 24th, 2000. The two main presidential candidates, Al Gore, the democrat, and George Bush, the republican, received most of the votes for their two respective political parties. Through the first couple of months of the polls, Al Gore was not the democrat who was...

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