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This Essay Hits On Three Years That Hepled To Shape The Nation. The Dates Were Extremely Important To The United States, And Seem To Be Forgotten Of How They Molded Us To Be.

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Our nation, the United States of America, is a country that is still to this day a young country. We still have lots of growing to do until we can be our best. Over the past fifty years much development has happened and America is definitely a better place to live in thanks to the many sacrifices made for our future.1954, in this year following the end of World War II, many Americans were creating new lives for themselves. Suburbs, schools, and shopping malls were popping up across the country, making room for the growing American family. The "baby boom" was in full gear. 76 million American babies were born between the years of 1946-1964. Americans unconsciously though created certain gender roles by doing this. Women were looked at as mothers and homemakers, while men were the primary breadwinners. This gender identity would not last long though.You would think that by this time there would be no more racial discrimination in the U.S. Blacks, Jews, and Latino's were being denied housing, even if they could afford it. It was very difficult for someone who wasn't white to move into the suburbs. Many white people even stated that if many blacks started to move into their neighborhood that they would move elsewhere. On May 17, 1954 in the Brown v. Board of Education, the Supreme Court ruled that segregation of schools was unconstitutional. Even after the desegregation became mandatory many southern politicians regarded the decisions as an abuse of judicial power.1968, this year was marked by the Tet Offensive, and held an end to the long war of Vietnam. Over 500,000 troops were stationed overseas during the Vietnam War. With the attacks of the Tet on cities such as Saigon, Da Nang, and Qui Nhon, more than 5,000 people were killed in two days of intense fighting. Even though technically the U. S defeated the Vietcong, it was a hard blow to U.S morale and was a major contributing factor in the anti-war movement.Liberation on many fronts was a major highlight of 1968. So-called "radicals" included women, homosexuals, Native Americans, Blacks and Latinos. Women of all colors were being denied education at certain all male colleges, low salary pay, and sexual freedom. It seemed as if women were becoming hostages in their own homes. Gays were constantly ostracized, as were Mexicans in schools. Many protests were put on to show people that this all had to end. America needed to come together as a country. Every one deserves the same legal, social, and economic equality.1974 was a tough year for President Nixon; secret tapes had been made in the Oval...

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