This Essay Includes A Summary, Quotes, The Biggest Issues, The Arguements For The Prosecutor And Defendent,Key Dates, The People Involved, And What Happened As A Result Of Nixon V. Us.

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Watergate, as the scandal was dubbed, began with the burglary of the Democratic Party's campaign headquarters at the Watergate apartment and office complex. The burglary was committed on June 17, 1972 at 2:30 a.m. by five men: Bernard L. Barker, a former C.I.A. operative, Virgilio Gonzalez, a refugee from Cuba, James McCord, a security coordinator for the Republican National Committee and the Committee for the Re-election of the President, and a former C.I.A. and F.B.I. agent, Eugenio Martinez, who was connected to the C.I.A., and Frank A. Strugis who also had C.I.A. connections. These men were caught in the act trying to intercept telephone and other communications by a security guard named Frank Willis. Their arrest, along with the investigation by the Washington Post eventually uncovered a White House-sponsored plan of espionage against Nixon's political opponents which led to a complicated trail that was traced to many of the highest officials in the United States. This case revolved around three key issues. The first regarded the Constitutional idea known as the separation of powers. In the end it was decided that this idea was not intended to have the three branches operate absolutely independent of each other. The second issue involved what is known as executive privilege. This case tested whether or not the Executive branch has the power to keep executive documents and other communications out of public view and away from the other two branches of government. The Court ruled that the President does not have the right to withhold information simply on the grounds of confidentiality. The third point brought up in Court was known as justiciability. This questions whether or not the court has the jurisdiction to issue the subpoena because the matter was an "intra-branch dispute between a subordinate and superior officer of the Executive Branch and hence not subject to judicial resolution by the Court."On August 30, 1972, Nixon claimed that White House counsel John Dean conducted an investigation into the Watergate matter and found that no one from the White House was involved. On October 10 of the same year, F.B.I. agents established that the Watergate incident was an entire campaign on Nixon's part to sabotage and spy on the Democrats. On February 7, 1973, the Senate voted to create the Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities. On March 19 former aide John McCord, convicted of conspiracy, burglary, and wiretapping, wrote a letter to Judge John Sirica in which he stated that the Watergate Seven committed perjury and that there were others involved in the break-in. He claimed the burglars lied on behalf of John Dean, Counsel to the President, and John Mitchell. These allegations sparked the entire investigation. On April 30, 1973, a year after the burglars were found guilty, Nixon accepted the resignation of White House Special Assistant on Domestic Affairs John Ehrlichman, White House Chief of Staff H.R. Haldeman, and U.S....

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US V. Nixon

823 words - 4 pages In 1972, Nixon and his aides hired people to break into the Watergate, a hotel where Democratic election plans and budgets were stored. Nixon’s plan was to steal the campaign plans and counter them, getting the winning results. When all of this information came out, a special prosecutor working on the case asked for the tapes recording calls in the Oval Office as a part of the investigation. Nixon didn’t want to hear it, so he fired the first

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