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This Essay Including The External And Internal Swot Analysis

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IntroductionSBS Transit is one of the leading bus operators in this part of the world and started rail operations in 2003. It was formed in 1973 through the merger of three private bus companies and listed on the then Stock Exchange of Singapore (SES) in 1978 as Singapore Bus Service (1978) limited.In November 1997, Singapore Bus Service (1978) Limited was renamed DelGro Corporation Limited (Now ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited) and the subsidiary Singapore Bus Services Limited, was separately listed on the SES. Singapore Bus Services Limited changed its name to SBS Transit Ltd in November 2001 to reflect its multi-model status as a bus and rail operator. In 2003, SBS Transit started its light rail operations in Sengkang and also started operating its Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system, the North East Line (NEL) in the same year. The Punggol Light Rapid Transit (LRT) is scheduled to operate in 2004.SBS Transit aims to provide world-class public transport that is safe, comfortable, affordable, reliable and friendly. Today, SBS Transit operates about 200 services with more than 2,500 buses daily. The buses serve 15 interchanges, 18 bus terminals and more than 3,000 bus stops. SBS Transit also runs the Sengkang LRT system with six stations currently in operation and the NEL with 16 stations. SBS Transit carries 2.4 million passenger trips a day and relies entirely on fare revenue to finance its operations.Company AnalysisMission StatementOur Vision: Moving People in a safe, reliable and affordable way.Our Mission: To achieve excellence for our customers, employees, shareholders, and community. To this end, we are committed to delivering safe and reliable services at affordable prices, being an employer of choice, creating significant shareholder value and becoming a socially responsible corporate role model.(SBS Annual Report, 2004)Company ObjectivesObjectives:- Be driven by our customer's needs- Strive for excellence in everything we do- Act with integrity at all times- Treat people with fairness and respect- Maintain safety as a top priority- Collaborate with our partners for win-win- Give our shareholders a reasonable return(SBS Annual Report, 2004)Market/Industry AnalysisIn Singapore, the restrictions on automobile ownership and travel result in more than 50% of the 7 million passenger trips made daily are by public transport. The bus system is the major tool and carrying 3.1 million daily passengers in Singapore.( market size of Singapore's transportation industry is about 1230($m). It consists of two main companies which are SBS Transit and SMRT Corporation. For the year 2004, SBS Transit has reached 559($m) turnover, however, SMRT has the revenue about 667.3($m).SBS Transit is doing strongly in the bus business. The share in the local bus industry is about 75% per year.SBS Transit is in the leader place of the bus industry; however, in the year 2004, its bus revenue dropped 2.4%...

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