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This Essay Is A Critique On How Shrek Depicts And Discusses Servral Issues Such As The Theory Of A Utopia And How Society View People Who Are Different Than The So Called "Norm"

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The movie Shrek which starts like any other fairy tale with a once upon a time, a princess trapped in a tower and her knight in shining armour. But once we see who the hero of the story is it is made obvious that this is not your typical fairy tale. I found this movie to have amazing graphics that looked almost human, a hilarious plot which is a one of a kind. The most enjoyable part was the repartee between Shrek and Donkey from Ogres having Layers to the phallic castle of Lord Farquaad they always made me laugh. Each character symbolizes something in general. The four main characters are Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz), Shrek (Mike Myers), Donkey (Eddie Murphy) and Lord Farquaad (John Lithgow). The other characters include the old fairy tale creatures from stories of childhood which are brought to life, and this is the tale. The hero (Shrek) is forced to go on a quest in order to win back the deed to his swamp because Farquaad banished the Fairy tale creatures there. Lord Farquaad is herding all the fairytale creatures out of the city of Dulop because he believes them to be a burden. Also in order to become a king ( and ruler of Dulop) must marry a princess, with the help of a magical mirror he choses princess the fiery redheaded Fiona but needs someone to rescue the princess from her stereotype fairytale castle which is surrounded by lava and guarded by a dragon.So Lord Farquaad has a competition and just as he is about to start Shrek comes. Then comes a comical fight scene where the knights must kill Shrek to win, but in the end the hero prevails and they make a deal that Shrek will get his deed to his swamp back if he saves the princess. Then there is a twist on an already odd story. The princess has a secret curse that changes from being a burden to an asset. The movie follows the band of misfits (The talking donkey, the odd hero Shrek and the fiery redheaded princess Fiona) on their journey not only to help themselves but to save the fairy tale creatures from the scheming Lord Farquaad. The movie is funny for both adults and children because it's humour appeals to both. It has all the fairy tale qualities with many twists and turns which also send a message which I believe to be that society follows a certain genre for stories where the hero has to be a brave, strong male and the one that needs to be saved is usually the helpless female that can't even save herself but this movie shows kids the hero isn't always just one man and doesn't fit the norm and the women in fairytale stories aren't always helpless. When we are first shown the princess she is in an angelic pose "awaiting a knight as so bold to rescue me" waiting to be swept off her feet on to his valiant steed and to recite her a ballad. The princess grows from being a bratty princess to a strong independent women who even though she has odd taste and behaviours that are similar to Shrek she can still have the happy ending. She learns from Shrek that looks aren't important and her...

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