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This Essay Is A Typical Admissions Essay That Describes Your Personal And Professional Goals As Well How How You Plan On Achieveing Them.

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Like most people I don't have just one goal in life I have many. There are two goals, however, that mean the most to me. The first is to receive my B.A. in Performance and Visual Arts as well as to become a high school teacher for Creative Dramatics. My second most important goal in life, although people might believe I'm too young to even be considering this, is to get married and have a family.In order to achieve my first goal I plan on attending Suffolk University in Boston, Mass. For four years. During my time at Suffolk I will major in Performance and Visual Arts with my main concentration in the theatre component. In four years I will receive my Bachelor's degree. After I receive my degree I plan on attending Lesley University for graduate school. At Lesley I plan on receiving my Master's degree in Creative Arts in Learning. With this degree I will gain my educators certification which is the last step in achieving my goal in becoming a high school teacher for Creative Dramatics.My first goal is very important to me because I would like children to have the same opportunity I had to be exposed to performance art and to fall in love with it. When I was a senior in high school I chose Creative Dramatics as an elective. That one decision changed my life. I had always loved acting but through this course I was exposed to all different aspects of acting and I fell in love. After passing that...

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