This Essay Is A Typical Admissions Essay That Describes Your Personal And Professional Goals As Well How How You Plan On Achieveing Them.

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Like most people I don't have just one goal in life I have many. There are two goals, however, that mean the most to me. The first is to receive my B.A. in Performance and Visual Arts as well as to become a high school teacher for Creative Dramatics. My second most important goal in life, although people might believe I'm too young to even be considering this, is to get married and have a family.In order to achieve my first goal I plan on attending Suffolk University in Boston, Mass. For four years. During my time at Suffolk I will major in Performance and Visual Arts with my main concentration in the theatre component. In four years I will receive my Bachelor's degree. After I receive my degree I plan on attending Lesley University for graduate school. At Lesley I plan on receiving my Master's degree in Creative Arts in Learning. With this degree I will gain my educators certification which is the last step in achieving my goal in becoming a high school teacher for Creative Dramatics.My first goal is very important to me because I would like children to have the same opportunity I had to be exposed to performance art and to fall in love with it. When I was a senior in high school I chose Creative Dramatics as an elective. That one decision changed my life. I had always loved acting but through this course I was exposed to all different aspects of acting and I fell in love. After passing that...

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Considering your lifetime goals, discuss how your current and future academic and extra-curricular activities might help you achieve your goals.

924 words - 4 pages professionals is only as strong as its weakest link. Just as I go on stage relying on others to know their lines as well as I do, as a nurse I will go into emergency situations relying on others to know their jobs; lives depend on it. I have enjoyed my experiences on the stage and sincerely feel that this experience helps me develop skills that will assist me in my nursing career. Not only do I have a passion for the nursing field, but I can relate to

How can Information Technology assist you in your social, educational and professional future?

1042 words - 5 pages letters just so that they could get in contact with their love one’s but now a days all we have to do is get on our social network account click on the name of whoever we want to talk to and just go ahead and write down whatever we want to tell them and just press enter and there it is within a few seconds our friend family member or whoever we want a talk to will be reading what we want to say so that is something really exceptional that back in

"Stretch Your Senses". This was written about my personal experience of a concert as a descriptive essay. You will be able to compare one of your experiences with mine.

529 words - 2 pages "Stretch Your Senses"Have you ever experienced an overload of every sense at once? Well, live concerts can almost take you there. I went to Lubbock to see a Pearl Jam concert in the fall of 2000, and it was truly a festival of sensory overloads. This memorable two hour experience was thrilling and unique at the same time. My body felt as if they stimulated it in every area to its complete capacity.As the lights dimmed and quickly went out, the

Describe the eating disorders: their symptoms, how each theoretical perspective describes their cause and treats each one, and your personal opinion on eating disorders.

1875 words - 8 pages how people would look at them for it really got to me. I never thought of an eating disorder as being anything more than a sociocultural problem due to watching very skinny girls on television, etc. Now I truly see how much of a cognitive problem it can be and that is a very scary thing. I also never thought of it as being a biological problem that you can't help because it is just how your brain works. It is also a very scary thing that while

To demonstrate how your positive values were expressed when assisting a patient to achieve their personal goals.

783 words - 3 pages In this direct observation, I will demonstrate how my positive values were expressed when assisting a mentally ill female with her personal hygiene.Personal hygiene is described as a physical act of cleaning the body to ensure that the skin is maintained to optimum condition (Department of health [DH] 2001).Throughout this direct observation, the clients name and the health care setting will not be disclosed as this would breach confidentiality

Science Fiction Essay - "Planet of the Apes": There should scientific elements that are to be considered, use them in your essay if you can.

944 words - 4 pages be dissected and examined.An isolated location in this case would be the "Forbidden Zone" the characters are constantly told not to go past a certain point marked out by the X marked posts. They seem to not go past the "Forbidden Zone" because a higher power tells them that if they do, then they'll die. But since they are told this from a higher power they believe what they are told, not bothering to question it since there is intimidation between

The Admissions Committee would like to learn why you are a good fit for your undergraduate school choice (College of Arts and Sciences, School of ...

635 words - 3 pages research. This kind of breakthrough which creates important biological structures such as active sites, protein receptors and more importantly cell scaffolding out of a combination of nanotubes and or “Bucky balls” with biomechanical structures will progressively make autoimmune diseases, organ failure, cell degeneration a thing of the past. It is not only this and many other researches taken place at Penn Engineering that made me decided to apply

This essay is on Magneticly Levitated Trains.... It explains basicly how they work as well as how they have a future in transportation because they are very efficiant.

880 words - 4 pages dropped by the US due to lack of government funding. However, it is a technology that is almost at the point of commercial use in Germany and Japan (the 2 major testing facilities) (4).There are 2 main types of levitation and propulsion which I will explain in this essay, (EMS) Electromagnetic Suspension and ( EDS) Electrodynamic Suspension. EMS is run extremely close to the track (about 10mm), this makes it slightly unstable. EDS however is run

Othello describes himself as "one that loved not wisely, but too well." Is this how we might judge him?

696 words - 3 pages Othello describes himself as "one that loved not wisely, but too well," which infers that his love is so intense, passionate and fulfilling that he has a dramatic weakness for making mistakes. Othello is a man of action, often makes quick and irrational decisions, enters his loving relationship under false pretences and has his own conflicting identities as well as being self-deluded, which ensures that he is judged as "one that loved not wisely

Developing a business plan will enable you to effectively execute your financial, marketing, legal, and management strategy.

989 words - 4 pages , products or services you will provide, and how you plan to make your business a success. Your Marketing Strategy describes and analyzes potential customers: who and where they are, what makes them buy and also describe the competition and how you'll position yourself to beat it.The most imperative issues a business plan outlines is the acquisition, securing and execution of your financial plan, which is often a complex and frustrating process. The

What is your personal evaluation of Napoleon? Was he a great soldier in the ongoing war for human dignity and liberty or something else? What information do you offer to support your case?

836 words - 3 pages living for all. Giving the nation something to work for and be proud of was Napoleon's goal. As many people in history Napoleon is well known for his great contribution to Society and the fact that he rose to greatness on the basis of sheer talent alone. Thus with the above account it can be clearly stated that Napoleon was a great soldier in the ongoing war for human dignity and liberty.

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