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This Essay Is A Written Response On Romeo + Juliet, It Argues Who Is To Blame For Romeo + Juliet's Downfall.

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William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" is a very sad story of two young lovers who take their lives after their families make it to difficult for them to live together in peace and happiness. The question in this epic tale is who was responsible for Romeo and Juliet's downfall. Do Montague and Capulet have to bear responsibility, or was it Balthasar, maybe the nurse or maybe even Friar Lawrence, no one knows but I believe that Romeo and Juliet must bear full responsibility for their downfall.Montague and Capulet have great hate for each other. They have started fighting between the two families, which causes Romeo to kill Tybalt. This act causes Romeo to be banished from 'Fair Verona'. Romeo cannot live with this separation from Juliet and when he hears she has died he cannot take it and must get back to see her. Upon seeing her he is so upset that he takes his own life. Although this is not entirely their fault I believe that Romeo and Juliet should have been able to overcome such problems. To be married they must be very mature, mature enough to live around their father's bickering. Therefore Montague and Capulet can take only part responsibility for Romeo and Juliet's downfall.Balthasar was a great friend to Romeo. When he saw Juliet's funeral all he could do was to feel sorry for Romeo and go and tell him that his fair maiden was dead. He wasn't to know that Juliet was just sleeping and it was just part of a plan to reunite Romeo and Juliet. Therefore Balthasar is not responsible for Romeo and Juliet's downfall.Juliet's Nurse was more like a mother to Juliet than Juliet's real mother. Every mother dreams of seeing her daughter grow up into a beautiful woman and marry a very polite, handsome man. When Juliet was so passionate about Romeo the nurse could do nothing but go along to please Juliet. Therefore the nurse is not responsible for Romeo and Juliet's...

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1037 words - 4 pages on the Capulets and Paris, and asking Romeo to meet him at the graveyard where Juliet would greet them alive and well. Unfortunately, the message never arrived. This was revealed when Friar John told Friar Laurence, " I could not send it, here it is again / Nor get a messenger to bring it thee" (5.2.14-15). Friar Laurence obviously had not told the messenger the importance of the letter reaching Romeo. And, if Friar Laurence had followed the

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1899 words - 8 pages The Blame for Romeo and Juliet's Death The story of Romeo and Juliet originally came from a myth around the old town of Verona, later on in history Shakespeare took this idea of 'two star-crossed lovers' and made it into the 'Romeo and Juliet' we know today. In Elizabethan Verona the story begins with two families, the Capulets, and the Montagues. The families have been feuding for many years, much to the dismay of the

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