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This Essay Is About A Girl Using A Guy Egl 0100 Essay

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Adamolekun, Olaoluwa
EGL 0100 LD 07
Professor Olu
Essay 1B
Art of Deception
One day had come that changed my life for the worst. I was still working with the Boys Scouts at the time as an Assistant Scout Master. Iesha wanted me to come over to her house and spend time with her. I thought that she wanted to take our relationship to the next level. Unfortunately, that was not the case. I told my parent that I was going over to Iesha house and they permitted to go, I was so excited about going over to her house, when I went to her house I got a surprise. Before I could go into her house she wanted me to help her pick up her friend who supposedly wanted to join us. I agreed to pick up her friend since she said it would not be long and it was only a drive to Waldorf.
An hour passed by and I realized we were not actually heading to Waldorf. Instead she gave me directions to Richmond, Virginia. I was furious!!!and questioned why the hell she wanted me to pick up a friend all the way in Richmond? She said reluctantly “I wanted her over to hang out with me” she replied. She told me just think of this as a road trip, but unfortunately for me I could not because of the fact that I was still a new driver and it was Eleven o’clock P.M. We were driving for hours and hours. My cell phone was dead and also Iesha cell phone was dead and I was almost out of gas. When we arrived at her friend house we found out the she was not at home that just made me more frustrated. Fortunately for us her father was at home, we told him about our situation of how we were running low on gas. He offered to help us, he gave us enough money for a full gas tank. When we got to the gas station I was scared, anxious and worried because I am sure my parents have been calling my cell phone and they will be worried. I yelled at Iesha because of her ignorance of tricking me to go to Richmond instead of Waldorf. She yelled back at me, and that started a huge argument between us.
As we were heading back home we got lost. I found out that we had...

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