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This Essay Is About A Logistics Company Called Opg, This Mainly Covers A Dutch (!!!) Company Though

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LogisticsPartial Qualification: CLO 0.13/1-4Group Members:Ariën WesterduinFrank AlbrechtDiederik StolkAdriaan RaaijmakersClass:3MH6Year:2003Period:4.Index:Page:Front Page:1Index2Preface3Module 1, Chapter 14 - 5Module 1, Chapter 24 - 5Module 1, Chapter 35Module 2, Chapter 16 - 8Module 2, Chapter 26 - 8Module 2, Chapter 36 - 8Module 3, Chapter 18 - 9Module 3, Chapter 28 - 9Module 3, Chapter 38 - 9Module 4, Chapter 110 - 12Module 4, Chapter 210 - 12Module 4, Chapter 310 - 12SWOT Analyses13Summary 14Sources15Preface:OPG Group is a retail and distribution company of pharmaceutical products and medical supplies. With around 5,000 employees, they are specialised in pharmaceutical operations ...view middle of the document...

We thought that we could learn a lot from it and at the same time getting a nice view into the pharmaceutical industry.Diederik, Ariën, Frank and AdriaanModule 1:Chapter 1:We received a chart from the company in which they showed us the chain of command at OPG. It looks as following:It's specially designed for the warehouse manager (Piet Bagemans) as you can see, because the other parts (customer service and sales aren't as detailed).Chapter 2:The way OPG controls their logistics process is mostly with the use of computers. At the moment they are installing a newer version, JD Edwards, which is an excellent program for ordering supplies and it is easy to handle. J.D. Edwards works on a level based system. The lower purchasers are able to order goods until a specified amount of money is reached, for example 5000,- then they are not able to order it, but then they have to send out a request to their manager, which is able to order for an amount of e.g. 10.000,- and so on. They also have a Warehouse managing system, which has 3 PPS (paperless picking systems) attached to it. The system is very complicated because all the other establishments are connected to it, which all use another system then the National Distribution Center. The main point from this piece of software is the order acceptance, the stocks from the other establishments are automatically "moved" to one digital warehouse, there you can see what the total stock of OPG is and where every product shown on the total inventory list is located and ofcourse at which distribution center. Another option is that you can specify from which distribution center you want it.Ofcourse sometimes things happen that shouldn't be happening e.g. products are changed without letting OPG know, so they receive products with have a different amount of products inside or even look different. This is solved by contacting the supplier, contacting the customer and giving that customer advice on how to handle them, telling them what is changed and how they can prevent bad things from happening with it.These days there are a lot of different certificates a company can apply for. ISO certificates are the most respected and well known certificates. ISO stands for International Standardization Organization. Examples of these ISO certificates are:ISO 9001, covers design, manufacturing, installation and service.ISO 9002, stands for technical quality and it applies to the manufacturing process.OPG is not qualified for any of these ISO certificates, this is done on purpose. Since almost everything is legally arranged for the pharmaceutical and supplement products. The other establishments do have these certificates, e.g. DistrMed is ISO 9002 qualified and OPGMedico is ISO 9002 qualified.So they don't have any certificates of their own, but they do check their output-quality which is also legally obliged. The European Union has laws that concern the tansport and manufacturing of goods. These laws that concern the...

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