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This Essay Is About Edgar Allan Poe's Life And His Works And How They Are Related. Since He Lived An Extraordinary Life Including So Many Deaths, It Certainly Affected His Works.

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Edgar Allan PoeEdgar Allan Poe's writings were enormously affected by his chaotic life involving death after death around him. His obsession with "death" results in writing many mysteries or stories involved with murder, disease, suicide, etc. Some of his writings are very astonishing and sometimes even lunatic, but it is not even close to his life experience. There were ten important people in his life that either died or left Poe abruptly. These catastrophes one by one damaged Poe's ability to organize his emotions in his brain, and eventually destroyed it, resulting in Poe making so many mysteries.To explain the influence of Poe's life to his writing, one must have the knowledge of his life first. Edgar Allan Poe was born in January 19, 1809 in Boston. Edgar had an older brother, William when he was born and a year later he got a younger sister, Rosalie. His father, David Poe was born in July 18, 1784 in Baltimore, Maryland. Edgar's mother, Elizabeth was born in 1787. There are rumors that Elizabeth was Benedict Arnold's granddaughter, but it was never proved. When Poe was born David was 35 and Elizabeth was 38. Elizabeth had married another man in 1802, but became a widow three years later. Her unsuccessful marriage continues. David deserts the family two years after Edgar was born.Elizabeth Poe now was alone again, and took her kids to Richmond, Virginia. However, she dies the same year in December. With no parent, the three children had to get separated. One of the charitable women of Richmond who helped Elizabeth's sickroom was Frances Allan. She was interested in Edgar, and even though her husband John Allan had opposed her at first, wrote to David Poe Jr's relatives for Edgar. However, they did not formally adopt Edgar and Edgar became their stepson. The Allan's had lived close to the MacKenzie's, which had adopted Rosalie. Thus they probably had a chance or two to see each other.Edgar was five years old when John sent him to a teacher named Clotilda Fisher. After that Edgar was sent to the Richmond schoolmaster William Ewing. It is said that Edgar actually liked this school, even though he usually disliked schools. When Edgar was six, the Allans moved to England. John Allan set up a London House of Allan and Ellis. The London tobacco market was depressed and John learned to deal with large shipments to make some money. By 1817 the firm was good for more than $300,000 and they rented a house for another five years. When Edgar was eight he went to the school of the reverend John Bransby. Edgar studied Latin and dancing in addition to major subjects and was successful. However, other kids often picked on him. John Allan was very pleased with Edgar's performance in school while Edgar felt lonely from just studying and without any friends.Edgar had a very lonely childhood, where not only he didn't have any friends but also he didn't receive any love from his parents. Love during early ages is unimaginably important, and cannot be ignored, or...

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