This Essay Is About Errors In The User Interface And How Is Can Cause Disasterous Effects.

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Many disasters are caused by errors in the user interface. and many of those disasters are Plane crashes. One of the more notable ones are of the Concorde Super-sonicjets. Since this last crash they have been grounded but have recently just started testing them again. With new safety pre-cautions. A French investigation into the Concorde crash hasconfirmed a burst tyre was the cause of the disaster. The French Accident Investigation Bureau ruled out that poor maintenance had contributed to the tragedy whichkilled all 109 people on board and four on the ground. The plane burst into flames shortly after take-off from Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport on 25 July 2000. A metal strip on therunway set in train the chain of events. Debris from the puncture pierced the under-wing fuel tanks and started the fire that brought the plane down. According to theinvestigators, Concorde Flight AF4590 was cleared for take off on 25 July at 1642 local time (1442GMT) on runway 26 by controllers at Charles de Gaulle airport. One minute and 13seconds later, the control tower radioed to the crew: "(flight) 4590, you have flames, you have flames behind you." The pilots then desperately tried to gain height, by increasingairspeed, to allow them to make an emergency landing at Le Bourget airport. The crew continued their desperate efforts to reach Le Bourget, but as firefighters assembled on theground, the last recorded words from the plane came from co-pilot Jean Marcot: "Negative, we're trying Le Bourget." Seconds later, the plane hit the ground near the town ofGonesse, ploughing through a small hotel. In all, 109 passengers and crew were killed, together with four people on the ground. The crew were unable to gain height or increasespeed and could not retract the undercarriage. This, the...

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