This Essay Is About How Crime Relates To Sociology, I Got An 80% Because I Didn't Use Mla Format, And I Didn't Cite Many Sources. Please Remember To Do So And Good Luck!

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Crime is one of the aspects of human society that can't be changed. Since the dawn of time man has always committed crimes against society. Crime is what shows what a culture's values beliefs are, and how they react to certain "deviants" to their society. In order to fully understand how people live and work together, one must also examine the "deviants" of a particular society. Crime is what makes us human, without it there would be no such thing as a "society" because every person within in a society is somewhat of a "deviant". To fully understand what crime is and how it affects society one must examine why people commit crimes and for what reasons and how they can affect the society in which they live. Without crime, no society could exist, because all societies have deviants.Crime can relate to sociology in many ways. If one would look crime as a function it would clearly be labeled as a dysfunction because it goes against what society has branded as "good". Looking at crime from a conflict point of view would label crime as a conflict between the working class against the upper class, who are trying to keep things the same. This is stated in the Communist Manifesto "The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles" (, Karl Marx). There would be an infinite amount of ways one could look at crime from every sociological prospective. .When examining crime one must remember that the person committing a crime is against a particular aspect of the society in which they live. For example, John doesn't like having to pay for things because he can never earn any money to buy anything. In his society a person has to earn money in order to buy things. John is completely against this and goes and steals from people. Although he believes that this is fine, his society does not, thus they label him as a criminal. A "deviant" or a member of a "subculture" is what sociologists would label John. He openly defies what the values of his society are and just chooses to do what he wants to.A "deviant" might also want to change some features of their society in order to suit their own needs and wants. In order to do so they will openly defy the ruling body of their society in order to achieve this. The people who join the deviant are also labeled as deviants and criminals to their society. Usually, this people have an undying will to change their society. According to Herbert Spencer he "saw individualism and competition as the key to social progress." (, Herbert Spencer). A famous "deviant" was Martin Luther King Jr. King wanted to change the laws in the United...

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