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This Essay Is About How To Stay And In Dhape And What To Eat.

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After the tenth week, Colonel Bradford no longer attended each meeting but did keep up his interest in the "Himalaya Club". From time to time he would speak to the group on various helpful subjects, and occasionally members of the group asked advice on something in particular. For example several of us were especially interested in diet and the tremendously important role that food plays in our lives. there were different views on the subject, and so we decided to ask colonel Bradford to describe to us the Lamas' diet ,and their policy concerning foods."In the Himalayan monastery where I was a neophyte, said the Colonel when he spoke to us the following week," there are no problems concerning the right foods , not in getting sufficient quantities of food. Each of the Lamas does his share of work in producing what he needed. All the work is done in the most primitive way. Even the soil is spaded by hand. Of course, the Lamas can use oxen and plows if they wished, but they prefer direct contact with the soil. They feel that handling and working the soil adds something to the man's existence. I personally found it to be a thoroughly rewarding experience. It contributed to a feeling of oneness with nature."Now it is true that the Lamas are vegetarian, but not strictly so. They do use eggs, butter and cheese in quantities sufficient to serve certain functions of the brain, body and nervous system. However they do not eat flesh, for the Lamas, who are strong and healthy, and who practice rite number six, seem to have no need of meat ,fish or fowl."Like myself, most of those who joined the ranks of the Lamas were men of the world who knew little about proper food and diet. But no long after coming to the monastery, they invariably began to show signs wonderful signs of physical improvement. And this was due in part at least to their diet there."No lama is choosey about what he eats, He can't be because there is little to choose from. A lama's diet consists of good, wholesome food, but as a rule it consists of only one item of food at a meal. that in itself is important secret of health. When one eats just one kind of food at a time, there can be no clashing of foods in the stomach. Foods clash in the stomach because starches do not mix well with proteins. for example, bread which is a starch, is eaten with proteins such as meat., eggs or cheese, a chemical reaction is set up in the stomach. It not only can cause gas and immediate physical distress. Over time it contributes to a shortened life span , and a lesser quality of life."Many times in the monastery dining hall I sat down to the table along with the Lamas, and ate a meal consisting only of bread. At other times we ate nothing but fresh vegetables and fruits. At other meals, I ate nothing but cooked vegetables and fruits."At first I was hungry for my usual diet. and the variety of foods which I had been accustomed to; but before long I could eat and enjoy a meal consisting of nothing but dark...

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