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This Essay Is About Little Tikes Marketing Srategy.

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The Little Tike's CompanySummaryWhen creating a company, the marketing strategy is very important. This strategy help determine how long the company will last. Marketing strategies are the marketing logics by which the company hopes to achieve strong and profitable customer relationships. It involves deciding which customers to serve and with what value proposition. (Armstrong, G & Kotler, P G5) In this strategy there needs to be a mix that the company uses to produce responses it wants in the target market. I decided to pick a company that was founded in 1970 for this project. Little Tikes is now a multi-national manufacturer and marketer of high quality children's products. (about our company) This company drives consumer demands through comprehensive marketing programs.Mission StatementLittle Tikes needs a marketing strategy that not only appeals to children, but their products and strategy must appeal to parents. For their mission statement I came up with something for children and parents. "Our goal is to provide your children with a fun, learning, and safe environment." Parents want their children to have fun, but learn at the same time. Since all of Little Tike's toys are safe for children to use, I thought that would also appeal to parents.Form of MarketingWhen marketing on television or the internet, Little Tikes should have examples of children using their products. This is mainly for the purpose of showing how children enjoy the products. These advertisements should also show parents playing with their children. With these two methods of marketing, I have tried to make the products appealing to both child and parent. This will, hopefully, increase the number of consumers that want their products. A child always wants their parents to play with them. With this way of advertising, it shows how parents and children can both enjoy the products.ExamplesSince this...

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