This Essay Is About Memorys From When I Was Younger.

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Jewelry with Memories Built In.As I was looking in my jewelry for a necklace to wear I found many of my old jewelry. I found my old heart ring, my beaded necklace, my Statue of Liberty necklace, my patriotic necklace, and my teddy bear necklace. These pieces of jewelry bring back so many memories.The first piece of jewelry I found was my old heart ring. My ring was a gift from my mother. She gave it to me when I was very little on Christmas. I remember that Christmas very well. There had been an inclement snow storm the previous night and the ground was covered in snow. Mother had placed the ring in my stocking. When I found it in my stocking, I was struck with amazement. The ring was so beautiful. It was a fourteen carrot heart ring with a diamond in the middle. I thanked my mother for the ring many times that day. I learn that year that my mom really does listen to me because I had asked for a ring, I didn't think she get me this one. Since then I've had it resized and sometimes I wear it. Every time I wear the ring it reminds me of that Christmas.As I picked up my beaded necklace, a memory of China Blue came rushing back to me. China was one of my best friends in third grade. She lived down the street in housing. She gave me the necklace as a gift of friendship. I learned any things from China that year. She taught me the value of having a friend you can trust. I told her everything and anything. She never told anyone anything I said, that's what I liked about her. She was trustworthy. I also liked how China could come up with the most ingenious ideas for having fun. We spent most of our time down at the park in the creek finding cool stuff like weird looking rocks to take home. China was one of the best friends I ever had, too bad she moved away after that year. I never saw China again. Every time I see the beaded necklace, it will remind me of all the fun times we had.Then I caught sight of my Statue of Liberty necklace from New York City. I went to New York City a few years before the World Trade Center was destroyed by airplanes. I was lucky to have seen the World Trade Center before it was destroyed. The buildings were magnificent. It hurt my neck just trying to look up at them. I wear that necklace a lot after the World Trade Center was destroyed to show my patriotism. I learned that year that we should stand together. The destruction of the World Trade Center brought many people together and also divided many others. I saw this division when I...

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