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This Essay Is About Napoleon And Two Of His Great Battles.

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Napoleon's christening name was Italian: Napoleon Bonaparte. He was born on the island of Corsica one year after it became French property. As a boy, Napoleon hated the French. Still, he attended the Paris Military Academy, and became a French lieutenant at age 16.Napoleon was in Paris during the French revolution, and when France became a Republic on 10 August 1792, he was promoted to the rank of Captain. After defeating the Italian armies in 1796 and the Austrians in 1797, he was made General. In November 1799, he overthrew the French Directory to become First Consul of the government. He called himself Napoleon I. In 1804, 12 years after the monarchy was disposed of in the French Revolution, Napoleon secured a vote to change France from a consulate to an empire. Napoleon became Emperor of France.In Napoleon's life he was in many battles and one of his greatest victories was the battle of Austerlitz. It took place near the village of Austerlitz which is now Slavkov, Czech Republic on December 2, 1805, between a French army of about 73,200 men and 139 artillery pieces and an Austro-Russian army of about 85,400 men and 278 artillery pieces. It is sometimes called the Battle of the Three Emperors because Napoleon, Francis I of Austria, and Alexander I of Russia were all part of this battle.Napoleon won this battle by out smarting Austro-Russian army by Tricking his opponents into thinking he was weaker than he actually was, and then calling in nearby reinforcements.Austerlitz was the battle that established Napoleon's reputation: a classic example of the general's masterly use of deception to lure his enemy into a carefully devised trap.(David G Chandler)After much hard fighting the French crushed the Allies. Thousands of fleeing troops drowned when a frozen lake split under the weight of men and guns.French losses amounted to 8000 while the Russian and Austrian emperors, present at the battle, saw more than 27,000 men killed, wounded and captured. Bonaparte also captured 180 cannon.Although not all of Napoleons battles were as victories as the battle of Austerlitz. On June 18, 1815, Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated on the fields near the Belgian village of Waterloo, about 14 kilometers south of Brussels. Napoleon's defeat ended 23 years of recurrent warfare between France and the other powers of Europe. In this battle Napoleon had about 72,000 men and the allied army of the British, Dutch, Belgian, and Prussian had a much larger number of about 113,000 men. A heavy rain the evening before the battle forced Napoleon to delay his attack. The delay cost him the battle.Only three months before, Napoleon escaped from his island prison of Elba off the western coast of Italy. When he returned to France his veteran soldiers rejoin him. He hurried northward, hoping to defeat his enemies before they could unite against him.Napoleon's plan was to get between the British Dutch army, who were grouped near Brussels, and the Prussians, who were east of the road...

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