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This Essay Is About San Francisco And Its Earthquakes It Includes: Introduction, How They Happen And Famous Earthquakes

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SAN FRANCISCO REPORTIntroductionThis report in on San Francisco and its earthquakes. San Francisco has a history of famous earthquakes including 1906 and 1989. This report is about the way Earthquakes work, how Earthquakes have been handled in the past and how we can protect and prepare for the future.How Earthquakes happen and where they occurEarthquakes perform when to plates rub together. California lies on The San Andreas fault, which consists of two plates: The Pacific Plate and The North American Plate. It is these two plates rubbing together that bring Earthquakes to San Francisco. The entire San Andreas fault is more than 800 miles long and ...view middle of the document...

This part looks at these Earthquakes, statistics and how much it cost to repair.On Wednesday April 18th, just after 5:00AM, San Francisco shook for fifty seconds. Three hours later at 8:00 AM the city shook again, the whole city was nearly collapsed by then. People ran in the street to try and escape fires, people gathered together to try and find water food and shelter. Relief stations gave out free food and water. Even though the postal service was running five days later, it was months before the city went back to work and it wasn't until September that school children went back to school.FACTSProblemNumberAmount of buildings destroyed25,000Damage (estimated)Over $350,000,000Number of people died (estimated)450-700Number of people died (actual)Over 3000No. on Richter scale8On Wednesday October 17th at 5:04PM an earthquake hit San Francisco. It lasted fifteen seconds. The earthquake struck sixtyMiles away, but it only took sixty seconds to actually get to San Francisco. Huge fires started out because of gas leaks. Bay Bridge and Nitmitz High way collapsed crushing hundreds of cars. People were told to stay in there houses, if it hadn't collapsed and not to expect services for the next seventy two hours without services. Any other information would come through the televisionFACTSProblem NumberNumber of Deaths62Number of Injured3,757Damage repairs$600,000,000Number of people left homeless3,000Number on Richter Scale6.9

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