This Essay Is About The Book Entitled Doungy By James Moloney. It Contains A General Insight Into The Book, As Well As Summaries And Commentaries On The Significant Chapters.

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On the exterior it seems that Dougy, the book, is all about racism. However when you delve further into Dougy, many other strong messages come across. Some that stand out are finding yourself, appreciating what we have and, most strongly, having an open mind.At the beginning Dougy, the boy, is timid, unsure of his life and seems to be in everyone's shadow. Whilst being trapped in the hall with the floodwaters rising- Dougy comes out of his shell and comes to the rescue. His brave efforts probably save the lives of Gracey and Raymond. These events bring out the best in Dougy and he gains confidence in being able to achieve his dreams. He did, indeed, find himself and this made him, "bloody lucky."Do you take things for granted? Dougy showed us that there are so many people out there, to who a new car sparks a cry of delight. Yet do we even blink an eyelid, when we see a new Commodore drive past? Oh no, it's just another car. These feelings don't just apply to cars, too- but too everything. We really need to appreciate what we have, not be greedy and just be happy with what we have- so many others aren't as fortunate as you or me. This message comes out clearly, especially when the family goes to Brisbane.A lot of trouble brews in Dougy from not having an open mind and accepting the opinions and views of others. As you read the book, you will also see the influence that others can have on our feelings. Pay attention to the changed attitudes of the children to Gracey, after their parents have talked to them.James Moloney puts very different personalities into his characters and shows us the different types of people in this world. There are the understanding people, who will listen to both sides of an argument and follow their hearts and minds- shown by Brett. Then there are the obstinate people, who's views will never change and they will keep on hurting people- shown by Cooper and Co. There are the people who really believe in themselves and won't let other people get to them- shown by Gracey. There are those who don't care what others think and can be kind of scary- like Dougy's Mum. And then there are those people who need something to wake them up to their lives and give them a little push; to realise their potential and to work towards their dreams- this is just like Dougy.James Moloney gives us so much to think about in such a little book. Dougy will give you plenty to think about, but you need to read between the lines to grasp all the hidden messages. James gives us a lot to think about and reading Dougy should really make you think about your life.Chapter 3Summary-· Family travels to Brisbane by train (pretty boring!)· Dougy is touched by a field of sunflowers· Pulling into Brisbane was really exciting for them (like the new Commodore)· They were the only black people in the crowd· They feel very different and they stand out· Meet very prejudiced taxi...

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