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This Essay Is About The Cultural Communication Differences

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Syntax - Orderly or systematic arrangement of parts or elements; constitution (of body); a connected order or system of things; to put together in order; Connected system or order; union of things; a number of things jointed together; organism. The arrangement of words (in their appropriate forms) by which their connection and relation in a sentence are shown.Semantics - A science dealing with the sources of and vehicles for conveying meaning between two or more human beings. Some say that words have intrinsic and universal meaning; others say they are conventional and are used loosely; that the exchange of information requires an open semantic system. Relating to signification or meaning.Kinesics - The study of those body movements and gestures by which, as well as by speech, communication is made; body movements and gestures which convey meaning non-vocally.Cross-cultural communication - Everything that occurs in communication involves the act of sharing information. Communication is not only oral it also involves body language. It is culture bound. The way an individual communicates comes from his or her culture. People with different cultural norms have the possibility of not being understood if the people they are communicating with have little knowledge, compassion or understanding of the variety of communication styles.When you are not familiar with cultural communication differences it can lead to you to misinterpret, misunderstand and even unintentionally insult someone. Therefore to communicate better you should not only consider the differences but the similarities as well. People may also inadvertently mistake certain communication behaviors as signs of disorder. Body language can actually help or confuse the person you are trying to communicate with. Let's consider eye contact. Children that were raised in Latin American and Asian cultures show respect by avoiding the glance of authority figures. However in the United States this is considered an act of disrespect. Culture also greatly effects a person's perception about physical contact, whether it's a handshake, hug, or pat on the back. In Asia, it is quite normal for female friends to often hold hands and for men to casually embrace one another as they walk down the street. Americans, however, may feel uncomfortable with such public behavior. You also need to understand that different cultures will have different meanings for words. When translating words, from one language to another, you need to take into consideration the actual meaning of the word in their culture.In cross-cultural communications the order of the words in combination with the meaning of the words and the body gestures of the people involved all...

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