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This Essay Is About The Effects Of Globization In Korea Compared To Haiti

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For Better or WorseThe Merriam-Webster's dictionary defines globalization as "to make worldwide in scope or application." Many third world countries around the world have been affected by globalization. In the book Eyes of the Heart, by Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the author writes about the Haitian people's struggle to survive with peace and simple dignity amidst the violence and devastation wrought on them by a two-hundred-year-plus encounter with the predatory forces of a global economy. Not only is Haiti going through this devastation a dominant country such as the Republic of Korea has gone through this same distress. Yet, there are many differences between these countries, Haiti is still ...view middle of the document...

" (10) Instead of adjusting to the globalization effect like Korea did Haiti feared the outcome of it, which leads to why Haiti still suffers and Korea does not.Many hardships were presented in Haiti because of globalization. "By 1996 Haiti was importing 196,000 tons of foreign rice at the cost of $100 million a year. Haitian rice production became negligible. Once the dependence on foreign rice was complete, import prices began to rise, leaving Haiti's population, particularly the urban poor, completely at the whim of rising world grain prices. And the prices continued to rise." (12) Haiti once was able to have rice farms where Haiti farmers sold rice for their country instead of importing rice, but because rice was imported into Haiti the rice farmers began to die out. For Korea this trade issue was different. Korea began to push globalization and enhance information capabilities, the Korean economy which registered "minus growth of 6.7 percent in 1998, was turned around to record plus growth of 10.7 percent in 1999. Moreover, such a high rate of growth was accomplished amid the lowest consumer price increase in history, 0.8 percent. The rate of unemployment also dropped from 4 percent to 8 percent." (Hobday and Lee, Korea's Globalization) Not like Haiti, Korea benefited from globalization.Aristide also talks about the Creole pigs that were once the main livestock of Haiti but due to globalization Haiti's livestock died out. "The history of the eradication of the Haitian Creole pig population in the 1980s is a classic parable of globalization." (13) After the eradication Haiti was promised new and better pigs; however, these new and better pigs were not what the people of Haiti expected. "Two years later the new, better pigs came from Iowa. They were so much better that they required clean drinking water (unavailable to 80% of the Haitian population), imported feed (costing $90 a year when the per capita income was about $130), and special roofed pigpens." (14) Unlike Haiti, with the livestock issue, Korea didn't suffer the same problem. Yet, still Korea was in need of money because of major company that went bankrupt. People were all laid off with no money and people suffered to some what degrees. However, the Korean economy has now begun to turn into a new economy of low inflation and high growth.Because of globalization, Korea has reaped the most remarkable result in the area of investment. "More than 2,000 foreign companies set up business in Korea in the past year and some US $15.5 billion were invested." (Hobday and Lee, Korea's Globalization) The strategies that the different countries used had an affect to the outcome of each country.Both Haiti and Korea have some what similar strategies when dealing with globalization. "Democracy asks us to put the needs and rights of people at the center of our endeavors. This means investing in people. Investing in people means first of all food, clean water, education, and healthcare. These are...

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