This Essay Is About The Effects Of Going To War With Iraq

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I believe that the U.S. foreign policy towards Iraq is all about control and containment. All this talk about President Bush wanting to protect the Americans from harm and Saddam Hussein's nuclear weapons is bull. President Bush wants to go to war not because of his concern for the Americans but for himself. It all goes back to being the most powerful family. Just as Romeo and Juliet were victims because of the family name, the American people are the victims of this proposed war. Take for example the Gulf War. It was initially touted as a plan to save the "poor" Kuwaitis from Saddam Hussein but former President Bush later publicly admitted that the whole war was about securing the United ...view middle of the document...

And in this case, Iraq is essentially not letting Americans dominate. United States is also all about leisure. With more oil, Americans will not have to spend as much.Years of US economic sanctions and military assaults against Iraq have taken their toll on the Iraqi population: death row hospitals where 5,000 children die monthly of diseases once highly curable before the conflict, a severe lack of potable water, open sewage flows in the street, widespread electrical outages and so on and so forth. Talk about justice, equity, and consumption--the US sacrifices innocent lives to maintain its high consumption-oriented lifestyle.In my opinion, the war will have major impact on the United States economy. In the short-term however, there will be new jobs created in relation to the military aspects, such as making new weapons. However, in the long-term, the economy will not get any better than it is now. Eventually, the unemployment rate will decrease even more; oil and gas prices will rise. The economy will probably go back into recession. More people will become unwilling to invest because of the instability of whether we win the war or not.The impact on my chosen career will be a slight one. My chosen career is to become a project manager for a company that provides services for many functions...

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