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This Essay Is About The Pros And Cons Of Cloning. This Was Done As An Assignment And Got A 5/5.

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The recent idea of cloning has stirred up a lot of debates and conflicts between different people. These debates arise because there are advantages and disadvantages to the idea of cloning. What I will do is look at some of these "pros" and "cons" of cloning.The first group of advantages is medical - first I will look at the fact that by copying an individual it can provide a donor of bone marrow for transplants. The clone could be made up with the proper makeup necessary in order to have a successful transplant. This would be an advantage because having 'natural' children can't guarantee a match. Another pro of cloning is that it can be done for infertile couples, or in situations where one parent has a genetic disease that can be passed on. Also the knowledge of cloning can lead to further development of new medicines for humans/ animals. Finally, by cloning we can eliminate certain defects/diseases, for example like diabetes.Along with medical advantages there are emotional advantages to parents who have lost a child and now can clone a new one.Another pro would be economic - both to the people it provides jobs to and also that scientists would be able to use cloning for a mass production of animals like cows for example to produce more products like: beef, cheese and milk. So they wouldn't have to use as much natural animals. The final pro would have to be that we could prevent the extinctions of certain animals.While there are quite a bit of advantages to cloning there...

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1210 words - 5 pages successful cloning of the sheep, it is recorded that 277 enucleated eggs were obtained and received nuclei from an adult mammary gland cell. Of this, only 29 cells made it to the next blastocyst stage. The new cells were placed in the uteruses of 13 ewes but only one sheep was eventually born. This success rate of a mere 0.36% is seen as unjustifiable considering the efforts that go into the cloning process. A woman’s study by Katrina brings

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835 words - 3 pages chromosomes from each male or each female and produce a baby that is actually theirs. Cloning has many promises but isn't all it's said to be. It has been the talk of the scientific world since the sheep they call Dolly was introduced to the world as the first mammal ever to be cloned. Excitement grew into the desire to create human life. Scientists promised organ regeneration, advanced cosmetics, and the chance to have children. After all, modern

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3749 words - 15 pages them stating that was against God's will to clone human beings (Shermer, 2003). A Christian believes that God has created each individual uniquely. The majority of conservative Christians believe that human personhood starts at conception. Therapeutic cloning requires the destruction of the embryo. In the eyes of Christians, this is a human person and destroying an embryo is murder. A Christian would say to prove this embryo is a human

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1907 words - 8 pages patented whether it be a design, method, process, product, or even a plant. The best thing about owning a patent is that it protects you from theft on an idea or product of your invention, but a major down fall as stated before is that when you finally get that patent then it becomes a public document. After the patent becomes a public document then it enables anyone to look at your idea on paper and use it against you. People will use this public

Cloning: Right Or Wrong? Should cloning be legal? What are the pros and cons of cloning? What can cloning lead to? What should be done?

563 words - 2 pages clones will behave like any other human being would behave as it will have all the characteristics of a normal human being, as long as the individual who was cloned had human characteristics, it wont really matter.In conclusion I would like to say that, as you've seen above, cloning could be used in various ways to benefit the lives of humans .It is inevitable that cloning, at some stage, will play an important, if not vital, part in our lives therefore it is about time that society accepts this fact and lifts all constraints upon cloning so that more research can be carried out and help eliminate any risks associated with cloning.

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772 words - 3 pages other communicate in this way is believed to involve grammar as a tool for relating thoughts or its ideas to speech, or signaling.Spoken, gestured and signaled communication involves the same process for all humans, and any human language can convey any human thought; nevertheless, the actual languages spoken in the world are numerous, and they differ vastly in their sound systems and grammatical structures.In the midst of world linguistic

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