This Essay Is About The Revolution Of Cell Phones Both Technologically And Culturaly.

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The Cell Phone RevolutionSince the beginning of the industrial revolution, the world has become a smaller place. The time used to travel to far distances has diminished; with the growth of new technologies, traveling and communicating have become simple daily tasks for many people. Through the growth of global communication, people have become closer to others across the globe, and business has gone world wide. One invention that came along with the technological revolution is the cell phone. Cell phones allow us to be reachable anywhere at anytime, letting us communicate even during travel. As time becomes more valuable for people, the importance of accessibility to communication also increases. With cell phones, the communication and accessibility have also revolutionized. With the growth of technology, cell phones also became more complex and versatile, integrating features like text messaging and locating systems. As we go into the future, the functions of cell phones also become more and more complex where they advance in technology and change the way we exist in society. The future cell phones will surpass their purpose as a tool of simple communication and become the central item in our everyday lives.Since the idea of the cell phone was first invented in the 1940's by Bell Labs, ithas come a long way and evolved into many different systems. The idea of the cell phone first came up in the 1940's after researchers realized that by "designating range of service areas (cells) that use a single frequency to Mobil car phones," they can make them have a much higher traffic capacity and quality (qtd. in Bellis). They however noticed that the technology to do so did not exist and that more advancements had to be done to make this idea come true. The greatest invention that was needed in order to start cell phone technology was "the microprocessor" which Intel® invented in 1971. Soon afterwards on October 17th 1973, Dr. Cooper from Motorola patented and created the first hand held cell phone (qtd. in Farley 8). Although there was great demand for cell phones, it took several years for them to reach the standards that are in place today. In order to meet demands and have a system that can support many users, more research had to be done. Cell phones were built and tested on different frequencies with different systems. Consequently each country came up with a preferred system of their own which was different then the other existing ones. What evolved were three different main systems that are still used today. These systems are the "TDMA, CDMA (PCS), and GSM systems," each differing on the "bandwidth and frequency" they use and whether they are digital or not (qtd. in Bellis).Current cell phones that are used today have already become more then just-for-talking telephones. One major feature that revolutionized the usage of the cell phones was the short message service" (SMS)." With "SMS" cell phone users got the opportunity to send and receive...

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