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This Essay Is About Tourism In Cape Verde And How The Country Is Developing In This Industry And About Its Sustainable Tourism Strategy

2912 words - 12 pages

Hochschule Harz
Cape Verde
Ali Chihab 20847
Prof. Dr. Harald Zeiss
Sustainable Tourism
Winter - Semester 2013
Chihab Ali
19 Schreiberstraße
33885 Wernigerode

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. History of Cape Verde
3. Tourism In Cape Verde:
3.1. Tourism Development
3.2. The current tourism Industry
3.3. Facts and Figures
4. Sustainable tourism in Cape Verde:
4.1. Sustainable tourism in Cape Verde
4.2. Sustainable development challenges in Cape
4.3. Solutions for the sustainable development
challenges in Cape Verde
5. Conclusion

1. Introduction:
Many destinations have beautiful surroundings but rarely are they untouched
and diverse as the islands of Cape Verde, Cape Verde is a volcanic
archipelago made up of 15 islands, which are situated in the Atlantic ocean
450kilometers west of Senegal.
The uninhabited islands were discovered by the Portuguese in the mid fifteenth
century, which made them the perfect spot for slave trading and Portuguese
Cape Verde‟s islands are different, while three of the islands are flat and plain
the rest are rockier and have more vegetation.
The country has almost 500,000 inhabitant and most of them are living in Praia
which is the capital city of Cape Verde and Santiago, while the rest usually live
in rural areas.
Each and every island in the country has its own qualities, from mysterious
volcanoes to rain and dry desert to rich green mountains and tropical forest
farms, not to forget that Cape Verde has some endangered species. These
factors contribute in attracting tourists from all over the world.
There is plenty to see and do, and since it is still not affected by the tourists it is
easy to sample the real culture on these islands.
Cape Verde helps in reuniting people as its tourists come from a rich diversity of
origins. However, most tourists tend to go to Sal Island and Boa Vista, and their
destinations within the country are limited between two or four islands.

2. History of Cape Verde:
Upon their discovery in the fifteenth century, Cape Verde became part of the
Portuguese empire due to its strategic location. Today‟s inhabitants are a
mixture of Portuguese and African for the historical events that happened in the
country earlier. Cape Verde has a very strategic positioning between three
continents Europe, Africa and America that is what made it soon after its
discovery a slave trade center. Later on the country suffered economically
because of the abolishment of trade centers. In 1951, Portugal declared Cape
Verde as an overseas province; however the colonial status was ended only in
the official sense which made some cape Verdeans think about revolting, the
Cape Verdeans finally obtained all the civil rights as Portuguese in 1961.Cape
Verde declared its independence on the fifth of July, 1975. The first national
elections were held in the same year which resulted in the election of the first
president by a majority of votes.
Cape Verde now is an independent...

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