This Essay Is About What A Person Has To Go Through A Campaign For The Presidency Of The Us.

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Campaign FinancingElections may possible be the most essential and key idea in democratic government for regulating official decision making. When working properly, they assure that officeholders remain responsive to the greatest possible number of citizens(Dunn, Delmer, 1974, 1). To assure that the people of Americas' voices are being heard it is essential that elections happen periodically. For elections to work properly they must be the final say in the battle for presidential power. They must determine who will hold an office. Elections must also provide voters with a choice, with at least the current officer holder and the candidate that wishes to have the peoples trust instilled within themselves to run that office (Dunn, 1974, 1). Although few candidates will admit the true monetary cost of mounting a campaign, it seems that the candidate that spends the most will win the election. It is agreed by both parties that the correct use of money can accomplish a decisive victory at the polls. Yet under other conditions no amount of money spent by the loser could alter the outcome. Financial layout cannot guarantee victory in elections(Dunn, 1974, 2). Whether or not money determines campaign victories, it does act as a sort of wall or control against letting everyone into the political arena. The money aspect of campaigning can help weed out the politicians that are dedicated to attaining this office with the ones who are not. Potential candidates may choose not to run because they do not possess sufficient private resources to contest for office or fail to attract the financial support of the wealthy(Dunn, 1974,10). As the campaign cost for elections soars the man of modest means must rely on different political and monetary strategies. If the non-wealthy had the desire to run for an elected position, they would now have to appeal to the wealthy for funding support. This battle over money in the campaign world is a greater problem than one would assume. Because the candidates are trying so hard to get the support of the wealthy they have taken their eyes off the true voters. Therefore the rich are now running the elections and determining who will be the next president. When inadequate funding prevents a candidate from taking his case to the people, the base of information on which the citizen make their decision is affected(Dunn, 1974, 13).The problem with campaign finance is often blamed on the officials who frequently do not enforce the inadequate laws that govern finance reporting. It is extremely difficult to find reliable data about the amount of money spent by a candidate, therefore it is only possible to speculate on the value of money in the campaign process.Running for President of the United States has never been more difficult than it is today. To be a successful candidate, the hopeful must maintain a staff of hundreds, to keep the campaign on the right road to the White House. This ultimately comes down to the most important topic...

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