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This Essay Is About World War 2's Many Mistakes And How It Effected Canada And The Rest Of The World. Will Help Anybody Doing Research Or Needing An Essay On Wwii

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World War II was a very difficult time, and many very difficult decisions had to be made in Canada. If a wrong decision is made, the country may split between the two dominant ethnic backgrounds, the Francophone people and the Anglophone people. On one hand, they could help out their former mother country, Great Britain, and its allies or, they can choose to not help at all, and let Britain fight its own war. They may also choose to just send war materials, but no troops to support the British and French armies. War is very expensive, both financially and in lives. It is a very difficult decision, but Canada should not have sent any troops, just a few war materials; however, Canada should have still offered to command the Commonwealth Air Training Program.War is a very financially expensive way of settling differences, and Canada should not join wars that do not involve them. Canada had to pay $12 million every single day for war materials. That is a lot of money for a country to spend on a war that did not directly involve them. Canada could have sent less war materials, Britain did not need to rely so greatly on Canada.The government invested $1.5 billion dollars into new factories, which produced these war materials. That is an astronomical number. Canada, in total, spent $20 billion on a war that was not their own. That puts Canada way into budget, and it is very difficult to get out of that hole that was created. It was not necessary to produce $10 billion worth of war materials. Britain should have been able to supply most of its own war materials, and should not have relied on Canada for so much. But then again, the Canadian government should have put its foot down and said enough is enough.Canada tried showing that they were sovereign by waiting 1 week, just 1 week after the war began to start helping out. It was a very long war; Canada should have waited at least a year before they started producing war materials. It was more important for Canada to work out its own depression and economic down fall before they went to war. This Canadian government should have used all of the money that would have been spent on the war to try and pull ourselves out of the depression, not on someone else's disputes!Not only was the war very financially expensive, but the loss of lives was an expense the government should have never taken. In total, Canada had 1 000 000 of its people fight in the war. Once again, that many people should not be fighting in a war that Canada had no part in creating. The government should have put an end to all of this. Forget the propaganda; they should have informed the citizens that there was no reason for them to join the battle.If Britain could not handle the war on its own, they should not have declared war on Germany and the Nazis. The casualty toll of Canadian citizens was much too high. Overall, 41 700 Canadian soldiers were either missing or dead. Thousands more were either severely injured or crippled. The fact is...

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