This Essay Is Basically A Summarization Of Many Inventions That Made And Changed The 1970's.

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THE 1970'sThe 1970's a decade that will never be forgotten, for its medical and technological outbreaks in society. Thirty years seems like a very long time, one might even think that none of the breakthroughs in technology really mattered back than because in the 2000's everything works faster and better. Everything has to come from something, thanks to the 70's we were able to expand on the breakthroughs in technology. Breakthroughs in such fields as medicine, personal technology, and space made society a much easier place to live in.First of thanks to new developments in medicine millions of lives were saved. In the mid-1970's, a new disease began to emerge which was named AIDS. Although it was a very early disease and not a lot was known about it, it was quickly considered a major health threat (V.D.-H.K.p.354). Even thou there was none cures many doctors and organizations were helping victims of AIDS. It was later discovered to prevent AIDS safe sex would need to be used; otherwise there is a highly great risk of being infected with the virus. Also, another great creation was the Computed axial tomography, also known as CAT scanning. During a CAT scan, a large coil of x-ray tubes rotates around the patient's body, taking x-rays from all angles. A computer integrates all of these x-rays into a single, three-dimensional image on a television screen (U.S DOE office of Environment Management). This was a great invention because it made it so much easier for a doctor to notice what was wrong with the patient and can see the problem. Medical breakthroughs were not the only creations that made life easier.Another breakthrough in technology that shaped the 70's was the personal everyday items people use. In 1979, Sony came up with the walkman ((WSJ, 1/11/99, p.R34). This made listening to music one hundred times easier than before. Usually, people would have to sit around their houses and were not able to take their music anywhere. Thanks to Sony's walkman thou, people were able to listen to their tapes anywhere and anytime. Another invention that keeps improving each year was IBM's personal...

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