This Essay Is About Alternate Energy Sources. It Discusses Alternate And Safe Energy Sources To Replace Oil.

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EnergyEnergies like fossil fuel and electricity are the life blood of the world. Countries who use them always try to find ways to make them faster and more efficiently. But what happens when we use our energy faster than we make it? We have a problem, no we have a crisis because everyone uses energy. We need to find a way to free ourselves from the terrible burden of buying oil from third world countries who use our money against us. But with the way or economy is now it is very hard to get heavy users of oil and oil based products such as car companies to shy away from their little friend.It appears that Americans have not learned lessons from past global energy problems. We import more petroleum than at any time in our history; we ignore basic signs of impending energy problems; we only react in a crisis; and we do not insist that our leaders treat energy policy as a national priority (wothington, We Still Have an Energy Crisis). When does the energy problem escalate into a crisis, when a state has regulated brown outs or must we what until others are affected. America has a near limitless amount of sources of energy like wind, hydro, solar and geothermal energy. Why do we settle for dependence (oil) or even more hazerdous (nuclear) energy sources.Today we import about twice as much crude oil and refined petroleum products as we did at the time of the 1973-1974 oil embargo. About a dozen nations supply the United States with these resources. Not all to our trading partners are friendly; in fact, some such as Iraq; clearly have intrest contrary to our own (worthington, We Still Have an Energy Crisis).A friendly country that might play a major role in the energy market is Russia. Oil has been flowing from Russia more and more with help from United States companies and this can help out our nation. Another place believed to have lots of oil is the Caspian Sea. This would be a great place for the Untied States to recieve more oil if they could work with Russia.Another place to drill for oil is in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). How ever this region is a much much more contreversial place to drill than Russia or the Caspian Sea. ANWR is a wildlife refuge and it is illegal to industrialize let alone drill in a wildlife refuge. Only if a new law is passed by congress...

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