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This Essay Is All About An Artist Of The Dutch Baroque Period, Rembrandt Van Rijn; About His Life And How It Was Important To Inspiring Other Artists

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An Artist of the Dutch Baroque period, Rembrandt Van Rijn was born on July 15th, 1606. His father, Herman Gerritszoon who was a miller, his mother Neeltje or Cornelia Willemsdochter van Zuytbrouck, and his brothers lived in the town of Leiden next to the northern branch of the Rhine River and about 25 miles south of Amsterdam. Rembrandt was the 8th of 9 children born. His family was somewhat poor until his mother's death in 1640 left them well off with a 10,000 florins estate.From the time of his birth, Rembrandt's parents had directed him towards the study of law, which is unlike his brothers who were directed towards the manual trades. He spent seven years at Latin School where he learned ...view middle of the document...

In the 1630's, at the age of 24, he not only painted portraits, but started making small etching's as well. Because the commissions became so numerous over time and very important to the young artist, he moved to Amsterdam.Rembrandt married Saskia van Uylenburgh, the cousin to Hendrick and who was an orphan with a very large estate, in 1634. The well-known painter became extremely successful and overflowing with commissions.By the early 1630's he had totally abandoned the typical Dutch smoothness. Rembrandt built his paintings starting from the back and working his way to the front with layers of paint to create illusions and evolved the most revolutionary techniques. In 1636, Paul Peter Rubens, a Flemish master of Baroque, inspired Rembrandt to paint using biblical themes. Instead of portraying the typical laid back Baroque paintings, he chose to surpass Ruben by injecting incredible horror into the piece of art. These vulgar themes were not very popular at the time, but luckily his income from commissions was unaltered.In 1639 he and his wife purchased a huge house to show off their wealth. He filled it with antique art objects of all kinds such as jewelry, fabrics, and china - all were collected for his historical interest in antiques, as well as models and inspiration for his historical paintings.During his marriage he lost three sons. After giving birth to his fourth son, Titus, in September 1641 Saskia became bedridden and died the summer of the following year. At the birth of Titus a widow, Geertghe Dircx, came in to nurse him, and eventually became Rembrandt's...

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