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This Essay Is About The Campaign For Presidency. It Includes The Use Of Frontloading In Presidential Primaries And Its Effects And How The Media's Bias Effects The Campaign.

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There are many different parts of the political election campaign. This campaign is a vital element of a democratic system. The media plays and important role in the way we view the candidates in the campaign. "The media report and comment upon the process and voters respond with enthusiasm, disgust, or indifference." Voters are "news consumers" and when they watch the news their "attitudes about politics are being shaped." According to research journalists are more trusted by people then politicians. Since journalists uncovered the Watergate scandal "reporters believed that the press saved American democracy and that it had a continuing responsibility to protect the public from lying, manipulative politicians." So if the media has a terrible image of the candidate and is conveying this image to the American public, they would need to do a lot to change the voter's perceptions.Politics is big business not just for the candidates, but also for the news organizations that cover government and the electoral process. Rare is the campaign that doesn't rely on 'media events' to display its wares to the voters. Equally rare is the news organization that doesn't spend much time and money trying to make political coverage palatable to an audience that is only mildly interested in politics."Media coverage is important in terms of generating positive images and name recognition." Media's role is even more important for the candidates that have less funding. This is because the less money a candidate has the harder it is to have the funds to challenge all primaries. These funds will also therefore not be available for later contests, which would hurt the presidential candidate's campaign.The beginning of the process of choosing a presidential candidate begins with caucuses and primaries. The campaigning for the primaries might begin six to twelve months before the first primary. The primaries themselves however can start as early as January. Since 1980 more primaries have been added and they have been held closer together. Another change that made this part of the electoral process important was in 1920 when "New Hampshire gained first position" and "states either moved or abandoned their primaries as the Progressive reform impulse weakened across the nation." New Hampshire seeing these influences and wanting to keep their primaries first approved a bill on May 29, 1975 making sure their primary was before all the other states. This bill was approved after Florida and Massachusetts tried to move theirs ahead of New Hampshire's date.The process of "front-loading" is known as the "contemporary trend where more and more states schedule their primaries and caucuses at an earlier point in the nomination process, resulting in multiple contest in a very short amount of time." It has many different influences on the election itself. In general it causes the number of candidates to be less while public deliberation of the decision-making process is decreased. The...

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