This Essay Is About The Book A Seperate Peace By John Knowles. Wasn't Really Sure What Category This Should Go Under; It's Literature But I Don't Know What It Means By North American Or European, Etc.

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Dr. Hawley Crippen, a well respected professional living in a suburban lifestyle, was hanged in 1910 for supposedly poisoning and dismembering his wife. It wasn't until 2008, nearly a century later, that his innocence was proved with a DNA test. Our novel contains a very similar incident regarding the death of Phineas. In A Separate Peace by John Knowles, Gene is thought to be the primary factor behind Finny's death. However, in closer examination Gene's innocence manifests itself in the finding that Brinker is his actual murderer.

Finny's falling from the tree has nothing to do with his actual death; it is the emotional trauma he suffers through afterwards that kills him. After the crash, feelings between him and Gene are still fine. "Friendliness, simple outgoing affection, that was all I could hear in his voice" (Knowles 83). This quote is taken from Gene remarking on how Phineas sounds the first time they spoke since he tried to tell him that he intentionally jounced the limb. Their friendship is still strong with the knowledge that Gene wished it had not happened. Not only is Finny emotionally fine, but he can even participate in many physical activities. "We ended the fight in the only way possible; all of us turned on Phineas" (Knowles 155). In this scene, not only is Finny participating in a snowball fight, he is the best player. Over time his injury gets better and better, and he could potentially get more used to it and learn to live with it. This evidence clearly shows that Gene's contribution, jouncing the limb of the tree, has nothing to do with Finny's actual death. The actual murder is brought upon him later by Brinker.

Everything is fine in the world of Phineas and Gene until Brinker comes into the picture and accuses Gene of attempting first degree man slaughter. To elaborate, Brinker kills Phineas by convincing him that his best and closest friend actually tried to cripple him for life. This is certainly not the case. Gene was bawling the day he became aware that his best friend could never play sports...

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'Discuss the transition from civilisation to savagery in the novel "The Lord of the Flies" by William Golding.' I think I got an A/B for this... but not entirely sure what percentage that is...

1535 words - 6 pages by Piggy's logic and under pressure when the revelation that one of the younger boys has gone missing, presumably dead.The lighting of the fire symbolises many changes in the boys. Fear of the island becomes more evident, and perhaps the realisation that they are no longer playing a game, but life on the island is a reality. Golding describes the scene as being: "The crowd was as silent as death."This again connotes the idea that

"A Book Report on A Separate Peace by John Knowles"

2221 words - 9 pages 'm pretty sure you know how I feel. It actually had good use. Aside from the fact it provided me more knowledge of the author and his time, it made me learn values. Sometimes it is hard to make the words come across to the reader; in this case Knowles did a great job. Peace in the face of war could be translated as optimism in the face of anxiety. Gene's road to self-discovery could be Knowles' way of saying that we all have our self-worth that we do not always see. These are life lessons we all need. So Mr. Knowles, congratulations, I salute you.

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609 words - 2 pages Recently our class had the opportunity to readA Separate Peace by John Knowles, an intriguing look into the mind of the maturing teen. Though a generally convincing and indeed well written book, the character Phineas in this story is portrayed by Knowles as an intentionally unbelievable character, through general naïve characterization, as well as the portrayal of Phineas as a character of extreme light, and as a prodigy or god, in order to

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1547 words - 6 pages A Separate Peace by John Knowles At the Devon school, in A Separate Peace, Finny and Gene seem to be opposites in every way; Phineas is a leader and Gene is a follower, Gene is mainly introverted and Phineas is outgoing and buoyant and Phineas is an athlete and Gene is a scholar. But as the pages turn, Finny and Gene begin to develop a bond, caused by Gene's envious rage and the tree incident. Gene does not know

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1193 words - 5 pages Perhaps the most interesting front in any war or any battle is the home front.A Separate Peace, by John Knowles, explores how a war affects life at home, and how war affects the teenagers who are preparing to enter it. Set over the course of a year at Devon School-- a New England preparatory academy high in prestige-- the book seeks to show that the lives most affected by a war may not be the soldiers, but the citizens of a country who might

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1120 words - 4 pages A Separate Peace(Compare and Contrast Finny and Gene)Have you ever had a best friend who was the complete the opposite of you? The novel, A Separate Peace, by John Knowles, tells of a pair of best friends who vary quite a bit from one another. Gene's best friend, Finny, is an athletic individual who loves to break the rules while he himself is a law abiding studious person. The two main characters in this novel are similar to and different from

"A Separate Peace" by John Knowles

6606 words - 26 pages Gene, but he does not cry. He doesn't even cry at the funeral because he feels that it is in a way his own funeral, and you don't cry at your own funeral.CommentaryFinny is completely broken down in this chapter. After trusting Gene completely, this is shattered and so is his leg once again. Gene just came to accept Finny as his best friend again and now Finny doesn't want to speak to him. Finny opens up by saying that he only said there wasn't a

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710 words - 3 pages The three dichotomous symbols in A Separate Peace by John Knowles reinforce the innocence and evil of the main characters, Finny and Gene. Beside the Devon School flow two rivers on opposite sides of the school, the Naguamsett and the Devon. The Devon provides entertainment and happiness for Gene and Finny as they jump from the tree into the river and hold initiations into the Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session. Finny, Gene, and their

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1117 words - 4 pages PoiseIn the novel A Separate Peace, by John Knowles, the protagonist Gene Forrester matures through three stages of his life at a New Hampshire prep school. At the beginning of the story, Gene is insecure and jealous of his charismatic friend, Phineas. Later in the tale, Gene's obsession with Phineas, or more often referred to as Finny, causes Gene to obtain Finny's identity after a tragic accident in which Gene disables Finny. At the end of the

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754 words - 3 pages Finding Peace Peace only comes at the price of great struggle and sacrifice for most people. In essence, it only comes when you have defeated the enemy, or the enemy has defeated you. John Knowles was able to capture the subtle goal and essence of his novel by titling it A Separate Peace. A Separate Peace is a story about Gene Forrester, the protagonist of the story, and his constant struggle with the underlying emotional conflicts presented

A Separate Peace: The Nature of Hatred and Peace This essay discribes the fatal extremes of hate and peace, as seen in John Knowles' "Separate Peace"

569 words - 2 pages are many dangers behind hatred and peace, and this was one of the reasons Finny died.Finny is a source of peace that helped Gene come to realize his own hatred. Naturally, Finny contains no hatred and denies hatred. Every time the war was mentioned he would say "there isn't any war. (p. 107)" He would deny all hatred, even if it was the confession of what really happened to his leg. His goal was not to achieve rivalry but to live and enjoy peace

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598 words - 2 pages undiscovered truths. Finny is shown the truth about Gene and is shocked. He has to face reality and the way of the world. Unfortunately, Finny dies, but this develops his character and what he represents. Finny rejects the truth numerous times, but he was always a great person who enjoys his life. Even though he did not know what he was doing, or where he was going, Finny loved life. Truly, "A Separate Peace" clearly shows the escape of reality and how it plays a role in each individual person's life. This bring out the best and the worse of these characters and demonstrates how the build as humans.

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569 words - 2 pages Journal #1A Separate Peace196 PagesThis is a very well-written book. From my first immpression on it, John Knowlesstill really knows what it is like to be a kid. I think that the theme of this novel so far isCivilian Life During the War. It tells a story about two young american boys goingthrough school during WWII. It takes place in Devon, New Hampshire. It is set in thefirst-person through the mind of Gene Forrester. I am currently on page 79

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685 words - 3 pages from his leg. However, this time his broken leg will be deadly. The doctor is qualified enough to set his leg into place, but the marrow escapes and blocks his heart. Blaming the doctor for malpractice is plausible, but he had no malicious intentions. The simple broken leg turned into a lethal killer for no reason at all. It simply happened.Finny's death cannot be blamed on any one person or event. It was a fluke event that occurred because Finny