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This Essay Is About The Marrige Customs Of The Nineteenth Century In The Novel Pride And Prejudice

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It is known that marriage is one of the leading causes of stress for people; however, it can bring the most happiness to people's lives. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is about the Bennet family of seven: five daughters, a marriage-insistent mother, and a nonchalant father. The mother is always trying to find spouses for her daughters. They are a united family with no worries, but since the Bennet daughters are getting older, their mother wishes them to get married quickly to men with good fortune. When the family discovers that a handsome and wealthy Mr. Bingley, they all want to meet him and even possibly date him. To the mother's liking, there are dances where the women get a chance to meet Mr. Bingley and other wealthy men. The young ladies are introduced to Mr. Bingley and his friend Mr. Darcy, and Mr. Bingley's attention is almost immediately drawn to the family's second eldest daughter, Jane. They are introduced to each other and soon find themselves dancing all night long. Although Mrs. Bennet is so insistent on having her daughters married to wealthy people, marrying a man of upper-class financial status was the way to be married at that time in order to avoid any financial problems.In the nineteenth century, it was accustom for a man to court a lady before he proposed to marry her. He also had to beseech the permission of her father in order to marry her; he had to ask her hand in marriage from her father. The marriage usually consisted of a wealthy husband and a less-wealthy wife. This tradition was intended to bring honor and wealth to the bride's family. In the novel, Mr. Bingley begins to courts Jane after he meets her at one of the dances. He shows that he is interested in her by asking to dance with her first. He chooses her out of the other girls. He later leaves town after listening to advice from...

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