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This Essay Is About The Rescuing Of Jews In The Holocaust And How The Jews Hid And The Trials And Tribulations They Went Through During Their Hiding.

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Becoming InvisibleThe Holocaust was the most terrible tragedies in the history or the World. Most people in the Holocaust did not live, in reality, there was a higher chance of dying from being in the concentration camps, starvation or anything of that nature, then there was of living. Living through the Holocaust was not common; it was rare. One of the most talked about parts of the Holocaust happened to be of the smallest, rescuing. It gives some positive nature to an otherwise horrific event.Despite the consequences and danger in being caught, the rescuers chose to help the Jews in their time of need.There were two types of people who were involved in the rescue process, the ones who rescued, and the Jews, the people who were rescued. Being rescued was a commitment to survival; therefore, the people being rescued could not be passive, but needed to be very active. Going into hiding was very difficult, and also a commitment. First, you had a find a hiding place, which included someone taking a risk in hiding you, and supporting you. Hiding became very expensive because the people who hid you needed money to support you, and a lot of the time, they wanted money fort the risk. Which meant, you had to have money. This money came from two places, your own pocket, or from an organization. The money you had and used bought you food and clothes. In order to get food; you had to get ration books. These were used to determine how much food you could get. It was in a book, and that is how you kept track, and on top of having ration books, you had to have money for bribes, and to receive food from the black market, which was very expensive. Because obtaining food was very hard, many people in hiding were betrayed by the people hiding them. Money was also used for bribes. Being in hiding, meant you had to constantly be thinking, which mean you had to have a plan. You could not just sit around and let time pass, you had to think of every possibility and you had to have a plan for each situation. Most people changed hiding places weekly, if not daily. The reason for the constant moving, was so the Nazis or secret police could not find you, or hear about your hiding place. Ralph B. was a toddler when the Holocaust happened, and he recalls constantly moving around from place to place. He said that when hiding they had to be silent, and still. School and play time was out of the question for Ralph because the risk of being caught was so high. Civilians would even betray the family, and tell the Germans where Jews were being kept. Not only did you have to change hiding places constantly, you had to blend in with the society. Most people would change hiding places during the day. The reason for this is obvious; there were crowds. Others would change hiding places in the dead of night when people weren't around at all, and the last more popular time was when the weather was bad. When you left your hiding place, you had to travel in clean clothes, and with a washed...

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