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This Essay Is An Analysis Of The Poem "Lovers Of The Poor" By Gwendolyn Brooks

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The poems title "Lovers of the poor" is talking about the women from the ladies betterment league. Brooks calls them lovers of the poor because the rich ladies want to help the poor. If they weren't poor I don't think the rich ladies would like them, but instead they would be jealous. The rich ladies act like they want to help but deep down they know they really don't care about the poor and they also know that they will be out of ghetto and in their nice homes while the poor will be stuck in the slums. In our society we make it out to look like we want to help the poor by creating programs and other things to benefit the poor, but when push comes to shove there are still poor people living in these ghettos and society can not do anything about it.
Brooks says it herself on the first page of the poem "Their guild is giving money to the poor". This quote means that they give money to help them out. The only way the rich ladies are willing to help them is financially. Brooks also keeps bringing up the loathe-love combination a few times throughout the poem. It reminds me of a love-hate relationship. It reminds me of that because the rich ladies are pretending they love the poor but if the rich were to become poor they would not have the same love for the poor. I say that because of the proverb misery loves company. Since the rich people don't have any problems they wouldn't mind helping the poor. If the rich women would be poor they wouldn't want to help anybody. The rich women think that the poor women are having tough times but they really have no idea how tough it is for them. The rich women just come take a visit to the ghetto and think they know how it really is like to live in that situation.
The order of which things happen in the poem looks like it just keeps getting worse and the poor are finding out how the rich really feel. At first it seems like the rich ladies came to help the poor and maybe even get them out of the gutter. As the poem progresses we see more and more that the rich women don't really care because it does not affect them in any way. As Brooks says on the second page of the poem "they winter in Palm Beach; cross the water in June; attend, when suitable, the nice Art institute". The rich ladies know that they will be moving on with their daily lives. ...

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