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This Essay Is An Analysis On The Publicity Stunts Celebrties Pull To Get Attention

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Things People Will Do For A Little AttentionIn this day and age the world has become so obsessed with celebrities appearance and their personal life. No matter what economic problem or warfare the world is facing, whose dating who in the world of Hollywood seems to make headlines. The tabloids feeds the needs for people strong cravings for gossip. Some magazines even go as far as telling celebrities shoe size or their sexual preferences. With the number of uprising new stars growing some celebrities do not receive their full fifteen minutes of fame. It seems the ones who are always in the media are the ones America love; whether the comments are negative or positive somebody wants to hear it or it wouldn't have made headlines. Although being in the tabloids is a complete invasion of celebrities personal life, it seems some celebrities do outrageous things to get back into the spot light. It seems the more a celebrity is in the media, the more the world loves them, the longer their career is, and the more money is made. With those factors in mind it seems like the race for the front cover is on. Celebrities who have taken a break from the spotlight for more than a year have already been forgotten about by the time they try to make their way back on the scene. Great stars like Britney Spears, Jessica and Nick Lachey have taken on some of the world greatest publicity stunts to regain their stardom.Britney Lynn Spears took a break from the pop scene after her 2002 tour for a self titled album. While Britney was on her little break the music scene was completely reshaped, pop music was put on a back burner. 50 Cents took on the world with a new rap style; artist who wrote and played their own music like Vanessa Carlton and Michelle Branch flourished in the music world. Artist who brought a new style to the music scene was staring to take the fans who once listen to pop music. Britney was pushed out of the headlines until her 2002 break up with Justin Timberlake, which did noting for her career. At first it was unknown why the two lovebirds split. For a minute Britney was receiving sympathy from fans; until Justin's hit song "Cry Me A River," which was written about Britney, told the story about Britney being unfaithful. Britney's music career was in the slums, and to top it off Christina Aguilera came out of her three year hibernation. Christina took the world by storm with her new dirty image she knocked Britney out of the spotlight completely.In order to reclaim her thrown Britney had to do something that was going to stay on the minds of people around the world at least until her new album dropped. What other way to get great publicity than to make out with a pop legend like Madonna on the 2003 MTV VMA's. Britney's make out scene with Madonna stunned audiences everywhere. It was not even noticed that Madonna and Christina also kissed; Christina's nastiness was already known. The kiss with Britney made headlines everywhere, even the local Channel 6...

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