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This Essay Is A Case Analysis Of Consumer Satisfaction With Regards To Travel To New Zealand, And The Reasons And Rationale Surround This.

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In past decades consumer satisfaction has not been an intense focus of consumer behaviour research. Once products were purchased, producers adopted an 'out of sight, out of mind' approach to marketing. In the recent post-decision period, a whole new field of consumer behaviour science has opened up investigating such things as consumer decision-making dissonance and product disposal. A keen understanding of consumer satisfaction has become increasingly important as businesses take into consideration such factors as client loyalty and word-of-mouth exposure. Customer satisfaction itself is affected by two important factors. The first is the topic of what the consumer expects from the product or service. The second is the characteristics of the attribution, which the consumer attaches to the performance of the product or service. These two factors shape and establish whether or not a consumer is satisfied with a purchase decision. A close study of consumer satisfaction can allow companies to better shape expectations and exploit the attribution theory to their advantage, or to better create their products to increase customer satisfaction. It is important for producers to pay close attention to consumer satisfaction because it can be closely linked to such factors as the return of the product, boycotting of the retailer, the taking of legal action, or negative word-of-mouth. If post-decision satisfaction is clearly examined, streamlined and coordinated with the actual product or service offered, the outcome can be beneficial to both the consumer and the producer. The Ministry of Tourism in New Zealand has clearly demonstrated how, by careful examination of expectations of travelers to New Zealand, and the realities of travel to New Zealand, one can potentially reduce consumer dissatisfaction and benefit all parties involved.Ultimately the satisfaction consumers enjoy is influenced by two factors: expectations and attribution. Expectations themselves exist on many levels and it is important to understand them to understand how producers can affect them and how they effect satisfaction. The first is the general expectations a consumer has (Antonides & van Raaij 1998, 480). General expectations lie engrained into the consumer because of the culture that surrounds them; in the United States expectations of performance of goods and services is quite high, whereas in post-communist Eastern Bloc countries expectations may be innately low. Category expectations revolve around a certain type of business, such as haircuts, clothing, and automobiles (Antonides & van Raaij 1998, 480). Expectations for a specific category are generally influenced by the overall market; an effect of a western-capitalist market economy. An example of this may be the restaurant industry in America; a high degree of service and affability is expected when families eat out, much higher than say when one goes to a service station to have one's car serviced. Brand expectation...

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