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This Essay Is An Overview And Analysis Of Mozart's Opera "Cosi Fan Tutte" Which Means, "Women Are Like That." It Explores The Relationship Between Men And Women.

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Genii AlbrightBrochure Part 3Scott DionneWR 123Mozart's: "Cosi fan tutte"("Women are Like That")Mozart said, to be a master of all forms of composition, had a great passion for the opera. His love of the opera is obvious as he displays intense theory through a comical exhibition. He, even before Freud, explored the depths of human behavior. Mozart questioned the motives and morals of those around him. He was not one to take the aristocratic views as his own. He often thumbed his nose at the traditional way of doing things. One can see Mozart's remarkable talent in the production of "Cosi fan tutte." This show is a classic illustration of Mozart's ability to make a serious statement in a nonsensical manner. He was one of the greatest composers of the seventeenth century yet because of his rebellious nature struggled throughout his short life. His opera buffa was full of satirical comedy and subtle jibes at the character of man. "Cosi fan tutte" is a shining example of Mozart's ability to laugh at the complexity of the relationships between men and women."Cosi fan tutte" translated means "Women are Like That." It reveals a side of love that is dark and desperate. It attempts to show women as creatures run by emotion ready to settle for attention rather than love. This opera had an underlying dynamic of powerful psychological components that insinuated a moral opinion on the integrity of love. Making light of such controversial and serious subject matter was important in getting the audience to listen. The unspeakable somehow found a voice through witty farcical stories that planted seeds. It seemed if we were able to find the humor in men's mistrust of women and women's compulsion to please men, it would then take the power out if its threatening concepts. Many have thought of "Cosi fan tutte" as a silly sex farce; but it in fact is a sophisticated exploration of the male and female psyches.# Mozart and Lorenzo da Ponte, who wrote the libretto, looked into why Men and women behave as they do. During Da Ponte's series of clever scenes, he created four distinct personalities for the two couples leaving us, "wondering whether women behave as they do by choice or whether women behave in a manner intended either to gratify or repel men."#The plot of this opera in a simple explanation is that two young men put the fidelity of their fiancées to the test by disguising themselves and embarking upon an elaborate seduction scheme urged on by an elder gentleman whose faith in the fickleness of women has long ago been firmly ingrained. The opera ends happily but not without a message of ethical proportions.The origin of this plot has always been a debatable topic. Some theories claim that the emperor himself proposed the subject, basing it on a current Viennese scandal. Others say that the subject was simply a Da Ponte original. Yet there are those that think the story was derived from elements of Shakespeare, Cervantes, and Boccaccio's work.# Though no...

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