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This Essay Is About A Case Study For Industrial Orgnizational Psychology.

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Title: Finding motivation through job satisfactionScenarioThe Resident Assistant position on campus requires a lot of motivation, which can be accomplished through job satisfaction. The integral parts of RA job description are organizing social activities such as get-togethers, playing games, providing students with psychological support; such as acting as mediators in case of conflicts and most of all being a friend. RA's are expected to take active part in the Orientation Days in cooperation with management. Management could make employees satisfy with their job by showing appreciation, recognition and encouragement.FactsThe UHB Student Housing Resident Assistant Program is a peer support project for the purpose of improving the physical and psychosocial conditions in all the student halls. The RAs are basically expected to create a buffer zone between the administration and the students' accommodating in all the students' halls.Their mission is to improve the psychosocial and physical quality of student housing's life, encourage and ensure abiding by the rules and regulations.There are four students' halls on the UHB campus. Each hall has varying number of Resident Assistants depending on the number of students. All RAs have received both theoretical and practical psychological training tailored for their job requirements. The practical psychological training focuses mainly on effective communication skills and assertiveness, which are based on true cases reported by RAs. Superior to the RAs there are four Senior RAs, who are the mentors for RAs. Superior to SRAs are two housing managers. The managers are subordinate to the director of Students housing. Finally, the director of housing is accountable to the vice chancellor.ActorsThe story happened in one of the student halls--Kahuna Hall. Which has men's section and women's section. Each section has two wings, A wing and B wing at girls side and C wing and D wing at boys side. Each wing has a RA in charge. RA team was divided in two; each team matched with one male RA and one female RA as a working partnership.Johnny Begood, RA of C wing in Kahuna Hall. Has been working since the previous year, he is experienced and hard working, calm, cooperative, and communicates well with his superiors, co-workers and residents.Bob Slacker is a new RA of D wing in Kahuna Hall, who has just been hired. Bob is 18 years old, never had working experiences before and always tends to question his superiors when given a task. Bob is repeatedly late for work.Linda Semolina is a new senior RA who was just promoted from RA and acts as a mentor for Johnny Begood. Linda is hardworking and prompt girl who is easy going and does her job without any question or problem, however, she doesn't have any supervising experience.IssuesKahuna Hall still needed one female RA for the upcoming semester. Johnny was the only former RA left out of the four RA s in Kahuna Hall, the rest of the former RAs had all graduated and have been...

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1714 words - 7 pages Vegas, (July 1, 2005) PepsiCo's Focus Strategy, Business Strategy Case Studies Collection, (July 4, 2005) Raman Muralidharan 1996, "The Soft Drink Industry in 1996: A Case Study for External Environment Analysis" Indiana University, South Bend. The Coca-Cola Company, (July 1, 2005)

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