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This Essay Is About The History Of The Russian And Bosnian People.

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Historically and politically, the Bosnians and the Russians are aperfect match.This history started in the middle of the first thousandyears A.D. when the tribes called the Southern Slavs migrated into thesoutheast area of Europe known as the Balkans. The Slav people as theyare known, were separated from the Northern Slavs, that is, relatedSlavs in Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Russia, by the non-slavic tribesthat settled the lands of Austria and Hungary. The Bosnians originalancestors were the Southern Slavs. They raided areas throught theBalkans including what is now modern day Serbia.This tribe eventuallysplit up, mostly for religious and political reasons but also becausethe geography of the region is such that large groups of Slavs becameseparated and isolated from one another because of the difficultterrain. When religion came to the Balkans, where you were physicallyhad as much to do with what religion you grew up with as otherreasons. The Serbs who were closest to the Byzantine Empiregeographically, took up the Eastern Orthodox Religion. The peoples inwhat is now Croatia, Slovinia and Bosina were infuenced by Rome andtook up Roman Catholicisim. However, the Bosnians, who were alwasysbeing threathned politically by the Orthodox Christian Serbs as wellas their Roman Catholic neighbors, by the fifteenth century had madeapolitical decision to align themselves with the rising power of theOttoman Empire, and converted to Islam. Russia, the country where mostof the Southern Slavs came from had accepted the Eastern Orthodoxreligion at around the time the Serbs did. This religious bond betweenRussians and Serbs was very strong and the two groups supported oneanother for virtually their entire history up to and including moderntimes. The Serbs supported the Russians in almost all their wars andhelped the Russians gain control of part of the Eastern Mediterraenfrom the Turks. This is why the Russians are deeply interested in thisarea and feel they have a special role to play in the currentconflict.The Balkans are the reason that World War I had started. The Serbs of1914 was as determined then, as they were for centuries, of preservingtheir independence in the Balkans. A wider war in the Balkans couldrisk the security of Europe, and possibly draw Moslen nations into thewar. On a more imeadiate level, the reason for peace in Bosnia is sourgent is because cities, roads, bridges, have been destroyed in theconflict. A good example of this is Sarajevo, ( a major muslim city)that was known for its cultural mixture. It was the site of...

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