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This Essay Is About Whislteblowing In The Canadian Government. It Gives The Good The Bad And The Ugly About Whistleblowing

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The matter of whether or not to provide protection to whistle blowers in Canadian Government Organizations has been discussed for many years. However, to date, there has not been a bill passed to give whistle blowers full protection.Whistle blowing is defined as "an act of a man or woman who, believing that the public interest overrides the interest of the organization he serves, blows the whistle that the organization is involved in corrupt, illegal, fraudulent or harmful activity." Men and Women who blow the whistle put their careers and their reputation on the line in doing so. The pros of having protection for whistle blowers definitely outweigh the cons. To a large extent, protection will allow those whistle blowers' careers and reputations to be saved. To a moderate extent, protection will deter government organizations from performing harmful or illegal acts, and to a lesser extent, protection will be a step forward for Canada and give the public more respect for their government.Firstly, if the Canadian Government passed a law giving the protection necessary to the men and women who feel it is in the public's best interest to blow the whistle on their organization they would not suffer the terrible consequences which many of these people face today. The consequence, which some whistleblowers endure, is very extreme and definitely not fair. For example in The Journal of Public Sector Management an article titled Whistle-blowing in Canadian Governments: ethical, political and managerial considerations, they outline a story of one whistleblower named Jon Quigley. Mr. Quigley was an Immigration Officer with the Toronto Enforcement Unit of the Federal Department of Employment and Immigration. It came to Mr. Quigley's attention that a new program was allowing criminals to stay in Canada illegally. Knowing that this was not right Quigley told a criminal prosecutor with the Department of Justice about the program. The prosecutor told him that he should let it go or he could in fact get himself into trouble. Quigley ignored the warnings and decided to go through with his report. This whistle blowing resulted in Mr. Quigley losing his job.The consequences that Mr. Quigley endured have happened time and time again in Canadian Government organizations. Many whistleblowers say that they "experienced such trauma that they would never blow the whistle again and would not recommend anyone else to be so foolhardy and go through similar trials." Besides the unfortunate risk of losing their job whistleblowers must also deal with having the reputation of being a whistleblower. This reputation has been known to keep past whistleblowers from earning jobs in other government organizations. In other words, once you have blown the whistle you are in fact "black listed" from all public servant jobs. If there were protections in place, for example keeping whistle blowers identities anonymous then the risk of gaining a poor reputation would be lessened. Also, if...

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