This Essay Is Comparing Shakespears "Romeo And Juliet" With The Movie, "West Side Story".

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"West Side Story" is a modernized musical based on Shakespeare's play, "The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet", which takes place in Elizabethan times. Both of these stories have many similarities, but there are a lot of major differences as well. Both of these stories are about forbidden love shared between two characters of opposite sides. The tragic endings of these stories cause the two opposing sides to finally get along."The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet" is about two lovers from feuding families, the Montagues and Capulets. At the beginning of the play Romeo Montague is upset so he goes with his cousin Benvolio to a party. This is where Romeo meets Juliet Capulet, and they fall in love and secretly get married. The party is hosted by the Capulets and Romeo isn't welcome there, which makes Juliet's Cousin Tybalt angry. During one scene Tybalt wants to fight Romeo but he knows that Tybalt is Juliet's cousin and doesn't really want to hurt him. When Tybalt kills Romeo's friend Mercutio, Romeo kills him which leads to his banishment. Juliet is upset about this at first, but forgives him because she knows that if Romeo didn't kill Tybalt, Tybalt would've killed him. The nurse, who knows about Romeo, says that Juliet should just forget about him since he is banished. Juliet and the Friar come up with a plan where she makes everyone believe she is dead and Romeo comes and saves her. A messenger is sent to tell Romeo about the plan, but he never gets the message and believes Juliet is actually dead, so he visits her grave and kills himself. When Juliet wakes up and realizes Romeo is dead, she kills herself as well. Paris was also there and tried to kill Romeo before getting to Juliet's grave, but Romeo killed him first. When the families find out what happened it ends the argument between them.In "West Side Story", There are two gangs of different races, the Jets and Sharks. The Jets are American and the Sharks are Puerto Rican. Tony is a member of the Jets. At a dance he meets and falls in love with Maria, whose brother, Bernardo is a member of the Sharks. They know they can't be together but it doesn't stop them....

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Contrast Of Romeo And Juliet and West Side Story

1653 words - 7 pages characters are consistent to the heart and soul of the story as well as the slightly differing plots. West Side Story maintains Romeo and Juliet’s intricate and exciting plot using appropriate adaptations to accommodate mid-twentieth-century pop culture. For instance, both artistic forms portray mutual disrespect between the parties. At the dawn of Romeo and Juliet, Capulet’s cohorts harass Montague’s. "I will bite my thumb at them; which is

Romeo and Juliet / West Side Story - A Comparison / Contrast

995 words - 4 pages , Maria does not commit suicide, while Juliet does. Instead, Maria confronts the Jets and Sharks on their role in the death of their loved ones throughout the movie. Maria is the voice of conscience at the end of West Side Story like Paris is at the end of Romeo and Juliet. In this sense, Maria is more grown up than Juliet. She understands that her death wouldn't help to resolve the feud, and lives on as a symbol of peace. Juliet's death symbolizes the

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet vs. West Side Story

722 words - 3 pages felt hate at one time or another in their life. As it is in Romeo and Juliet with Mercutio and Tybalt, in West Side Story Maria's brother, Bernardo and Tony's best friend, Riff are the focus of hate. These characters could not see past their blind hatred and many others were killed. The original play Romeo and Juliet and the new movie are almost exactly alike in their script, but the interpretation of the dialogue is unique to the actors. One

An Ultimate Parallelism: Romeo and Juliet versus West Side Story

3896 words - 16 pages The story of Romeo and Juliet is a classic. It is preformed in many forms and fashions. Themes changed, twisted, and unfolded accordingly. Although the play may have consisted of a tragic ending, other directors tended to put their own twists on the theme to give a happier ending. For West Side Story, on the other hand, this unforgettable play followed in the footsteps of the Shakespearean classic. With so many performances and awards, West Side

West Side Story as a Modern Romeo and Juliet

1952 words - 8 pages Shakespeare being “a stamp of cultural legitimacy”, striping down Shakespeare’s original language but incorporating his original story makes Shakespeare interesting and relevant to the audiences of today.Jess-Cooke brings an interesting slant to the idea of faithfulness in adaptation which is especially pertinent in this adaptation because unlike Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story is not a tragedy. Shakespeare was intentionally writing a

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet vs. West Side Story

1839 words - 7 pages you will have your answers. It is impossible for anyone familiar with both texts to not note the obvious major similarities between the two plays. From the opening scenes in both, up through the rumble in West Side Story/death of Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet, the plays mirror each other (Poelstra). It isn't until the last part of West Side Story, where Tony, our modern-day Romeo, dies and Maria, Tony's Juliet, doesn't (unlike the two star-crossed

Differences in Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare and the Movie West Side Stories

755 words - 4 pages married. Romeo and Juliet are secretly wed and it is no big deal because there were less rules set in this time period. In West Side Story however, Tony and Maria cannot necessarily be married due to the actions that could follow. For example, one of Maria’s friends was angry and went after Tony, and they weren’t even wed yet. For example, this part of the movie when a guy named Chino is after Tony and he has a gun. (Robins) Clearly, the situation

Title: The Tragedies of "Romeo and Juliet" and "West Side Story"

665 words - 3 pages equallyexpress the character's feelings at the moment, the soliloquy in Romeo and Julietuses words and poetry that have a much more powerful and effective impact onthe reader than the simple song in West Side Story. An example of this iswhen in Act II, Scene II of Romeo and Juliet, otherwise known as the balconyscene, Romeo expresses his thoughts in a soliloquy until Juliet shows up. Whilein Romeo and Juliet all of this is spoken, in West Side

Romeo And Julite Vs. West Side Story

557 words - 2 pages talking, and Tony is the one who is singing, not Maria, Juliet's counter part. Also, in Romeo and Juliet the nurse was calling Juliet to come inside from the balcony. In West Side Story, Lehman chose Maria's father to call her. In West Side Story, Anita is the nurse's role, but Maria has a close relationship with her parents, unlike Juliet whose best friend was the nurse. This part of the scene bears a very strong resemblance to the one in Romeo and

Contrast of the Portrayal of Characters within The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story

1486 words - 6 pages , and because she loves Romeo so much and cannot even fathom living without him she stabs herself in the heart (Shakespeare Ⅴ,ⅲ, 174-175). This shows her strength because she is sacrificing her life to be with the one she loves. In West Side Story, Chino shoots Tony and Maria grabs the gun in hysterics, but then she just drops it and breaks down (Robbins and Wise). This shows incredible strength on Maria’s part because she had so many options, she

Comparison of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare to West Side Story by Arthur Laurents.

783 words - 3 pages The play Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare is about two teenagers from rival families, Romeo, a Montague, and Juliet, a Capulet, that fall in love. They must go behind their parents back to be together, but their relationship only ends in the death of both of them, plus others close to them. The book West Side Story written by Arthur Laurents was based on the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, but set in the 1960's with a modern setting

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1079 words - 4 pages , which eventually leads to both lovers from both the films to being killed or committing suicide. The film and play Romeo and Juliet has a similar story line to West Side Story. However this story is based in Verona, Italy and the rivals are not gangs but families, the Capilates and the Montigues. Romeo Montigue falls in love with Juliet Capilate after sneaking into her family's dance. This play has the same tragic end

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1324 words - 5 pages only in passing. With these character differences, West Side Story becomes almost undeniably an original work. As futile arguments of West Side Story being a modern Romeo and Juliet come and go throughout literary history, the one argument most often overlooked is the influences, both personally and socially, that are inflicted on the individual authors. People continue to believe Shakespeare created the theme of two "star-crossed" lovers. This

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514 words - 2 pages times afterwards. It is also a love story which also ends with somebody's death. Both Shakespeare and Arthur Laurents had done their best when they wrote these stories."Romeo and Juliet" and "West Side Story" have similar, if not exactly the same theme. Both stories display the power of love and the destruction caused by hatred. In "Romeo and Juliet" two people from rival families fall in love. The families' hatred destroys the two lovers, and the

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2973 words - 12 pages his result. Than, with the help of Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sonheim and Jerome Robbbins, it thrived into a famous Broadway musical.In this paper I will go into detail about the differences and similarities of the two stories. Before I start, I will state this difference: West Side Story, being a musical and Romeo and Juliet, being a play, changes the extent of dialogue that can be had, because a musical needs to be altered for songs to fit