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This Essay Is Entitled "Cross Cultural Experience". The Point Of The Assignment Was To Assimilate Oneself Into Another Culture And Write About His Or Her Experience

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Going into this project, I thought to myself how fun it would be to assimilate myself into someone else's world that is completely different than mine. Being partnered up with Mies, I had a good feeling that I would come out of this experience with a completely different perspective on the world. With Mies' parents being Italian and mine being Korean, I was expecting myself to show Mies a unique culture and learn one from him as well. However, as I have come to find out through multiple activities together, Mies and I are not very different at all; in fact, our lifestyles and cultures are almost one in the same. I have known Mies since sixth grade when we went to elementary school together; however our relationship more closely resembled that of friendly acquaintances rather than good buddies. Although I knew Mies, the tall, white kid, I never really knew the real Mies, a crazy motocross riding, truck lover. So Mies and I first decided to have dinner at each other's houses. Knocking on his door, I expected to be greeted with a delicious smelling Canadian or Italian specialty but, to my surprise, it was just Mies who welcomed me into his home. Everything inside the house was very "typically American" and nothing culturally unique popped out at me. However, I soon realized one big aspect that was missing from Mies' home, his parents. Upon inquiring on the whereabouts of his parents, I learned that Mies' parents owned another property in San Luis Obispo and frequented it many times a week. This was the first major difference I noticed between Miles and I. In my home, my parents are always around, except for in the early afternoon, and they are there for me to depend on. In Mies' case, his parents are out completely absent from the house for the majority of every week, and because of this absence Mies has matured very quickly and is much more independent than the average teenager, including myself. Without any help, Mies was able to cook up a batch of spaghetti for dinner and showed a chef-like mastery of cooking in the process. Digging into the pasta made me feel right at home since I too would normally eat without my parents, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary with his cultural food because spaghetti is frequently serve at my house. Another night we had dinner at my house, which consisted of Korean BBQ, kimchi, and rice. Even though my parents...

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