This Essay Is Based On A Short Story Called "The Edge" By R.K. Narayan. It Is About How He Was A Product Of His Environment.

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This essay is about a character named Ranga from "The Edge" by R.K. Narayan. Ranga was a product of his environment; being born into poverty he never really had a chance to be successful. He stayed in an abandoned building called Krishna's Hall while he worked at his knife sharpening business. He was a hard worker and did his best to bring home enough rupee's to maintain a living for his daughter and rather 'difficult' wife. He sharpened knives, scythes, clippers, and more with a portable grinding apparatus he made out of an old cycle wheel connected to a foot pedal. He had to be watchful and use different strategies in order to catch some of his customers at the right time.Overall, Ranga was a relaxed person. He never let things bother him too much. At times he had to deal with customers who were rude and did not want to be bothered by him. Sometimes they would say, "Go away, we have nothing to grind" but he always persisted until someone produced a rusty knife or some other blade to be sharpened. He was good at coaxing people and could be aggressive when he needed. Ranga was very motivated; his customers loved his banter and appreciated his work which he always guaranteed for sixty days. He never argued with his customers, he liked them to feel as if they had won a point so that he could look forward to their continued business; "After all" he says, "It costs nothing, only a few more turns of the wheel and a couple of sparks off the stone to please the eye". Ranga physically dwelt in the town but his thoughts were always...

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1806 words - 7 pages , I found a seat and grabbed some food from the concession stands, by that time the lights dimmed, and the announcer got on the microphone to announce the arrival of the opponent. The doors flew open and so did my mouth, because the sheer size of the man was unbelievable, not to mention his body builder physique. This guy, a boxer from Russia, had to be about 6'4" and had such tone muscles that it made my dad's arms look like two twisted, scrawny

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1047 words - 4 pages Escobar's home. It was a beautiful mansion that was guarded by about 15 bodyguards. He and nick went into the house and were greeted by a fat old man which Nick introduced as Louis. They told Louis about the problem they had and he was very grateful to Tony for having saved Nick's life. Louis paid Tony $100 dollars just for risking his life and helping Nick out.Things continued this way for about 1 year. Tony was called up, he went with Nick and

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